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ProVeg: The V-label for cosmetics

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V-label quality label now identifies vegetarian and vegan cosmetics

The internationally protected V-label quality label now also identifies vegetarian and vegan foods as a consumer orientation aid for cosmetics without ingredients from animals.

Many cosmetic products contain animal ingredients. The nail polish may contain guanine, a dye obtained from fish scales, and animal glycerine in shampoo. Proveg (formerly Vegetarierbund Deutschland) argues that the label often leaves the consumer in the dark about the origin of the ingredients, and that the V-label is now intended to remedy the situation and give consumers the assurance that a product is free of animal ingredients and processing aids.

According to a survey conducted by ProVeg with 905 participants (90% women, 56% vegans, 32% vegetarians, 9% flexitarians, 3% mixed food producers), the majority of those questioned specifically choose vegan body care in order to avoid animal suffering. However vegan and vegetarian products are not always recognizable as such according to a survey by ProVeg. "The V-label, which has already been established for foodstuffs, now also applies to vegetarian and vegan cosmetics and body care products as well as detergents, cleaners and cleaners. The V-label on the product packaging thus offers consumers optimum orientation when shopping," says Julia Schneider, head of V-label at ProVeg.

Extended criteria for vegan and vegetarian cosmetics

No tests may be carried out on animals or have been carried out in the past** by or on behalf of the manufacturer for products bearing the V-label or their individual ingredients. V-label products are also free of genetically modified organisms. Honey, milk components and lanolin (wool fat) may be contained in vegetarian products. This means that the V label also provides additional orientation for natural cosmetics, as ingredients from insects and other invertebrates are approved for certified natural cosmetics. The dye carmine from lice or collagen from jellyfish can be contained here, but both are excluded according to V-label criteria. Compliance with the V-label criteria is ensured by an annual review.


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