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Record organic sales in Italy

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NaturaSi is the biggest organic supermarket chain in Italy.

Picture: NaturaSi is the biggest organic supermarket chain in Italy.

The AssoBio organic association recently presented Nielsen data on the trend of organic food sales in Italian supermarkets. In this sales channel, from January to 16 April 2017, total food sales (food + drinks + pet food) increased by 3.7%, up from 0.5% in 2016. The value of sales of organic products in supermarkets increased by 19.7%, amounting to 1.33 billion euros in the twelve months ending 31 March 2017.

Growth was above average in discounters(+ 31.7%) and superettes (mini-marts, + 23.5%). Supermarkets (sales of 609 million euros, + 19.8%) and hypermarkets (sales of 409 million euros, + 16.7%) took the lion’s share.

The share of organic food in the total food sales is 3.4 percent  (2 percent in 2013) and Italian consumer purchases in supermarkets have more than tripled since 2009.

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