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Scottish farmers want organic standards to remain after Brexit

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Over 380 members (90%) of the Scottish Organic Producers Association (SOPA) want no change in the regulation of organic foods. That is the result of a survey from 2016.

The most important arguments from the members were that support for organic farming and the organic sector must continue and also the access to the European market has to remain open to market the products. 83% respondents had this opinion. 70% of the respondents wanted a trade agreement with the EU while 80% believed that it was important to simplify government regulation. Another topic was the free movement of people across the state borders: 66% respondents said that is important, for 44% immigrant labour was not important.

The organic base is stable

Two-thirds of the SOPA members answer that they are will firmly convinced by their work in the organic sector and that they want to continue their business. Only less than 0.5% are considering to withdraw their organic certification, says the survey. Two-thirds said they plan to investigate in new markets or a strategic review of their business. The respondents are 85% farmers, 15% came from the supply chain and 10% were from the retail sector.



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