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Sweden: KRAV considers to withdraw from EU Organic Regulation

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Swedish consumers have different buying priorities that ggo beyond organic.

Swedish consumers have different buying priorities that go beyond organic. (Photo © Kai Kreuzer)

KRAV the leading Swedish certification body recently discussed its future direction. During a meeting with stakeholders the certification body also considered to withdrawing from the EU Organic Regulation.

According to a report by Natural Products KRAV CEO Anita Falknek confirmed that in a special presentation at the Nordic Organic Food event in Malmö. Since 1985 when KRAV started as a certification body for organic food the organisation has grown to the leading certifier and the best known label. But the consumer climate is changing, as Falknek explained in Malmö and people make their buying decision not only for organic products but are also looking for vegan, local, free-from, healthy products. As an example she told about the Från Sverige (From Sweden) labelled products that skyrocket from 0 to 8,000 in two years.

Lost in a jungle of lables

But consumers say that they sometimes are lost in a jungle of lables and KRAV asked consumers about their personal preferences buying food. The top priority was „good taste“, followed by „high quality“,“animal welfare“ „ environmental benefits“. „Although these are all organic attributes, people don’t necessarily equate them with organic”, assumed Anita Falknek. In addition: “The EU Regulation, and the current revision process, are creating a lot of hurdles for us, and for organic production in Sweden.”

Anyhow probably KRAV will stay in the system although the organisation is worried about the Regulation in its present form. The final decision will be published in December. Falknek called all like-minded organic, sustainability and social responsibility groups to work together. “It makes so much sense because collectively we have a louder voice and a better chance of realising our shared vision for the future”, quoted her.


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