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Sweden: organic sales reached new record in the first six months

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The Swedish organic market development 2008 - 2016

In the first half of 2017, the increase of organic food and beverage is 7-8%, a value increase of SEK 1 billion (105 mn €) over six months. That is the result of Ekoweb´s interim report. “Swedish organic food sales continue to beat their old record”, says Ekoweb, the Swedish online service and market research. Cecilia Ryegård, chief analyst at Ekoweb explains: ”After a few years of exceptionally rapid pace, it is a very strong valuation of Swedish consumers' continued interest in organic products. Sweden is now beginning to belong to the exclusive range of world countries that passed the 10 percent magic limit for the equity,"

When Ekoweb compiled its half-yearly report on organic food sales during the first six months of the year, the figures show that Swedish consumers bought more organic foods than ever during the period. The summary also shows that most of the organic are selling to public sector actors and restaurants/Food Service, and Systembolaget is the sales channels that is most organic-friendly.

Cecilia Ryegard presenting the market data at the yearly Eco Gala event.

All major players increased sales but lack  of goods

All major players are increasing their organic food sales. But the increase could have been double if all the desired commodities were available and reached the shelves of the stores, says Cecilia Ryegård. If sales continue to increase to the same extent throughout the year, Swedes will buy organic food for just over 27.4 billion kronor (28,7 bn €)  in 2017. The rate of increase has been significantly lower than in previous years, but volumes are high. The Swedish organic commerce market now requires a significantly larger amount of goods to be maintained and able to increase. In the first half of the year, the availability of certain organic products has been very limited. Lack of raw materials and, above all, fruit and vegetables, sales growth was still strong, especially in retail sales, which only increased by 2-3 percent.

Swedes wish to buy Swedish, local and organic: Sweorganic

Sales of Swedish-produced organic food and raw materials generally go well or even very well. ”But Swedish-grown organic in, for example, the fruit & vegetables segment is also a shortcoming. In several areas, especially in animal production, We can also see that Swedish organic production costs very well against imported goods”, says Cecilia Ryegård. So what Swedish organic farmers produce, that's what matters.
Also ecology has gained greater competition for space. Retail sales in the last year have decreased on the clean eco campaigns in the retail and media sectors, compared with the 2013-2016 period. Today, eco in the campaigns often competes with local, Swedish, health and sustainability. In sustainable marketing, ecological is just a part of the message. This is a clear difference compared to earlier, says Cecilia Ryegård.

Cecilia Ryegard presenting the market data at the yearly Eco Gala event.


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