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The focus is on Wessanen in the takeover market

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As the Dutch stock exchange journal ABM Financial News reports, analysts and investors are focusing on Holland's organic corporation Wessanen. In the course of the takeover of the US organic enterprise WhiteWave by Danone it says that speculation about  Wessanen, already smoldering for some time, has surfaced once again. The stock exchange reacted promptly: after the announcement that Danone had acquired WhiteWave the Wessanen share price shot up by almost 5 percent. 

ABM Financial News reports that, in the case of Wessanen too,  Danone is regarded as the candidate for taking the company over. It would not be the first Dutch company to become a part of the French group. In 2007, Danone acquired Numico (Chocomel) for €12.3bn. The reason why Danone is showing greater interest in Wessanen is seen by the analysts to be the fact that Wessanen , like WhiteWave, is very well positioned in the organic and health food sector.

The company is “with a healthy balance and a relatively modest  market capitalisation of over 760 million not only successful“  but also, with its portfolio of firms, itself an interesting target for acquisition for big companies in the food industry. Among others, the firms Allos, Clipper, Bjorg, Tartex, AlterEco, IsolaBio and Bonneterre all belong to Wessanen.  As recently as June the group took over  Ineobio, the French manufacturer of organic coffee and tea , and on 1 July the British Mrs Crimble, a supplier of gluten-free products.




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