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Tutto Bio: Italian Organic Yearbook launched

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Tutto Bio 2016

Since 1993 Bio Bank is the Italian organic data bank. Year by year updated data and interesting activities are published inthe Italian organic yearbook Tutto Bio, the annual report on the organic sector in Italy. The online portal Biobank  you can also find in English 

10,800 Italian organic activities surveyed

"More than 10,800 organic activities updated data in Italy we divided in seven sections, for appreciating organic every day, at and outside home", explains Rosa Maria Bertino, editor of Tutto Bio. For the first time in Bio Bank census, there are also social farms in the book. Here Tutto Bio 2016 numbers:


• 58 fairs & co • 131 associations

Direct sales

• 28 shopping with home delivery  • 2,878 farm gate sales • 221 farmers' markets • 877 purchasing groups


• 1,395 shops • 16 supermarkets

Out of home

• 1,527 holiday farms • 450 restaurants & co


• 13 control bodies • 59 companies • 64 social farms •  114 fairtrade companies

Cosmetics and detergents

• 10 control bodies • 244 companies • 153 perfumeries


• 13 catering companies • 1,250 school canteens • 650 educational farms.

Products and news

A lot of news in Tutto Bio products' showcase: from Sicilian ancient wheat to red lentils pasta, from healty mix of seeds to vitamin smoothies, from cereals ready in few minutes to seitan and tofu based dishes that just need to be hated and vegetable drinks for all tastes. And also classic products in organic version, such as Balsamic Vinegar of Modena or Amaretto and organic veg recipes, such as pesto sauce. And lastly a look at cosmetics and detergents.

The 14 stories focused in Tutto Bio twenty-second edition run the length and breadth of Italy. And they show us the true face of organic in Italy. It is not a simple method of production, but it is intended just as pioneers interpreted it: a value leading to other values for a better community. This is its origin, this is its future.

The Italian organic yearbook | 22nd edition

Edited by Achille Mingozzi and Rosa Maria Bertino, Bio Bank by Egaf Edizioni, Italian language | 320 pages | 16 Euros





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