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UK: successful start of OTB’s ‘Organic. Feed Your Happy’ campaign

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The UK Organic Trade Board asks people to share pictures of healthy food by using the hashtag #FeedYourHappy (Photo © Pixabay)

‘Organic. Feed Your Happy’ is a consumer promotion by the UK Organic Trade Board (OTB) that has started in September. The promotion is part of an EU-funded three-year campaign that aims at emphasizing the importance of organic food production. In order to raise the consumers’ awareness for organic food, people are called upon posting their healthy food or meals with the hashtag #FeedYourHappy. The campaign’s organizers, who expect a coverage of over 30 million, further underline the significance of animal welfare as well as the omission of pesticides, artificial additives and antibiotics.

As a result of early PR work, the campaign reached a high profile media coverage within UK’s national media already. Moreover, the advertising expenses are being raised to run a national billboard campaign too. ‘Organic. Feed Your Happy’ is highly successful on social media. Until now, the hashtag #FeedYourHappy has been used on Twitter around 2,800 times with an overall reach of around 4.8 million.


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