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Ukraine: organic porridge record

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National colours of the Ukraine.

At the largest agricultural exhibition of Eastern Europe, Agroport West Lviv 2018, held in the Ukraine, a new record was set.The biggest amount of cereal porridge was cooked from certified organic products only. The event was organised by the UA team of

The dish was 3285 kg weight, or 3900 liters in volume. Farmers and companies from all over Ukraine gave their products to prepare buckwheat porridge with meat and mushrooms. To collect such an amount of buckwheat, the van made two thousand kilometers. From Poltava region, for example, one and half tons of organic buckwheat (there were 1225 kg only used to prepare the dish) and 100 liters of organic sunflower oil were delivered. Kharkiv provided 300 kilograms of organic onion, the Kiev company – three kilograms of organic black pepper and half a kilogram of organic laurel leaf. Farmers from Lviv, Volyn, Ternopil, Vinnytsya and Zhytomyr regions provided organic: 20 kilograms of mushrooms, 100 kilograms of carrots, almost 500 kilograms of meat (veal, beef and pork), 15 kilograms of garlic, 50 kilograms of butter, as well as canned meat, lard and greens. A huge, three-meter in diameter pot (kettle) was brought from Ternopil.

20 chefs, the members of the Western Chief Group Association, which includes the best chefs of Lviv restaurants, all together with a great effort were working on the preparation process. Totally there were almost hundred chefs involved in cooking process, and preparation of all the ingredients lasted almost a week.

This record is in fact a significant job, not just the cooking itself, but the whole process of preparation. Essential, difficult and well-organized job, – mentioned the head of the National Register of Records of Ukraine – Ms. Lana Vetrova, who officially recorded this achievement. By the way, it could easily claim to the world record of cooking dish just from organic products, but this required a few months of formal preparation. And there was lack of time to do that. Moreover, this is the biggest amount of boiled buckwheat porridge for today.




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