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USA: price and authenticity still obstacles for organic

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Whole Foods Market in Washington DC

Whole Foods Market in Washington DC (©Karin Heinze)

Mintel market research analysed in a recent report that 21% of the consumers agree that organic foods are worth the extra cost. Nearly 40% purchase half of their grocery organic.

According to Mintel most Americans (62%) say they would purchase more organic foods if they were less expensive. Another finding of the report is that just 26% of the consumers trust organic labels and only 13% agree that organic foods are highly regulated. For many the brand name is more important than the certification label. The research "shows that organic brands appeal to younger consumers, but there is significant effort required to persuade older generations of the value of organic or natural claims”, Natural Products Global quotes Billy Roberts, senior food and drink Analyst at Mintel.

At the top of the grocery lists there are organic fruits and vegetables

Almost 50% of consumers say they are most likely to purchase organic fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables. Food categories like meats/poultry/seafood (41%), juice (39%) and dairy/milk/yogurt (38%) are highly in demand. Although one third of American consumers say they do not typically buy food and drink with an organic or natural claim, these products are finding their place in shopping carts across the country, explains the report. That is evident in the statistics of the Organic Trade Association (OTA) in its recent report containing the 2016´s numbers (see more details in our article "Records in US sales").



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