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USA: three states restrict the use of Monsanto´s Dicamba

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Farmers from Arkansas, Missouri and Tennessee have sent almost 600 complaints regarding the misuse of Monsanto herbicide Dicamba to the state authorities. Now the use of the pesticide is restricted.

The U.S. Government Environmental Protection Agency EPA report (Reregistration Eligibility Decision Document for Dicamba and Associated Salts) indicates dicamba to be safe for humans when used accordingly. But drifting from the fields where Dicamba was sprayed to nearby fields, the pesticide caused severe damage to crops and fruit orchards. As reaction on hundreds of complaints Arkansas and Missouri departments of agriculture have placed 120-day temporary bans on the product.

Now also the Tennessee Department of Agriculture (TDA) is taking measures to mitigate the risk of drift of herbicides containing dicamba. The University of Tennessee gives a couple of practical advice. Emergency Rules filed by TDA and effective July 11, 2017 through October 1, 2017 are available here



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