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Wake up to Organic!

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Organic breakfast on 17 June

On 20 April at Natural & Organic Products Europe, the Wake up to Organic summer campaign was launched by the Organic Trade Board (OTB), along with the Soil Association. The campaign is about spreading the organic message through the most important part of the day: breakfast!

Breakfast is a great showcase for ambient and fresh organic products, as well as being an affordable way for consumers to try organic. So, the campaign is calling for organic brands and retailers all over the UK to join together and offer a free organic breakfast on Wednesday 17 June 2015, in an attempt to make the nation 'wake up to organic'.

In order to generate increased coverage of the event, bloggers in three locations (London, Bristol and Glasgow) will be enlisted to create breakfast recipes for the event, prepare them live in selected retailers and share with their fans.  As many independent retailers and brands as possible should take part. Further information can be received from this email adress.

2017 Promotion Campaign

Having had a positive response to the idea of a 2017 bid to the EU at the 4th Annual Briefing, the Organic Trade Board has their sights set on a new EU campaign and although the current one still has 18 months to run, they are already planning their 2017 work. The OTB is investigating working with other countries including Denmark, Sweden and Ireland on a new multi-country promotion bid.

A new EU regime for promotion programmes starts in 2017 and although the rules are still being debated at the EU, the one established rule change that is of great benefit is that multi-country bids attract match funding of 20%:80% (i.e. the OTB put in 20% and the EU matches it with 80%). More information is available here.




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