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Glyphosate and cancer: Bayer arraigned

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19.07.2018 Leo Frühschütz

The class action lawsuit filed by 450 cancer patients blaming the manufacturer Monsanto and its glyphosate-containing pesticide Roundup for their disease has taken a decisive hurdle.

Italy: Bio Bank edition on organic catering and canteens

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27.06.2018 Editor

The Italian specialized publisher Bio Bank published a new edition of Focus Bio Bank. Hot topics are data and informations on the sector of organic catering and organic food in canteens.

Nicaragua: Riots affect organic farms and social initiatives

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25.06.2018 Karin Heinze

In mid-April the riots began in Nicaragua. The people expressed their frustration after more than a decade of oppression. Since then, the Ortega regime has been crushing the people´s revolt with brutal force. There is a need for soldarity.

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