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Nicaragua: Riots affect organic farms and social initiatives

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25.06.2018 Karin Heinze

In mid-April the riots began in Nicaragua. The people expressed their frustration after more than a decade of oppression. Since then, the Ortega regime has been crushing the people´s revolt with brutal force. There is a need for soldarity.

EXKI Nature’s Kitchen: First restaurant in Germany

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22.06.2018 Editor

The Belgian fast food chain EXKI, which is committed to healthy food and sustainability according to its own statements, opens its first restaurant in Cologne. Further restaurants are planned.

Ukraine: organic porridge record

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31.05.2018 Editor

At the largest agricultural exhibition of Eastern Europe, Agroport West Lviv 2018, held in the Ukraine, a new record was set.The biggest amount of cereal porridge was cooked from the certified organic products only.

Bengt Anker of Oatly: “I feel like an ambassador for the organic sector”

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02.05.2018 Katrin Muhl

Bengt Anker, co-founder of Oatly, the Swedish brand for oat milk alternatives, has recently retired. As Sales Manager, he made significant contributions to the success of the company, which now, almost 30 years from its establishment, sells its products throughout Europe. Anker spoke to about his retirement, which he considers an “extended holiday period”.

Acrylamide: New requirements for minimization

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26.04.2018 Leo Frühschütz

The new EU Acrylamide Regulation came into force in April. The new regulation aims at a further reduction of the harmful substance, which is mainly found in fried, roasted and baked products and is considered carcinogenic in animal experiments.

Nature & More: ‘Faces of the Sustainable Development Goals’ campaign

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25.04.2018 Editor

Nature & More, the "trace & tell" consumer trademark and online transparency system of the Dutch organic food distributor Eosta, has recently launched its ‘Faces of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)’ campaign. The initiative aims at raising awareness of the UN’s SDGs across the whole fresh produce sector.

Ecovia Intelligence launches Sustainable Food Awards

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17.04.2018 Editor

Ecocia Intelligence has launched the first awards in the international food industry that are dedicated to sustainability.

Kraft Heinz to start a new platform for natural food brands

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10.04.2018 Editor

Kraft Heinz plans to launch a platform for nurturing, scaling and growing food brands within the organic, natural and super-premium sector, as the US-company announced lately. The new business called Springboard Brands is said to be dedicated to “shape the next generation of food.”

HelloFresh acquires Green Chef

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06.04.2018 Editor

Green Chef, a US meal kit company, will be taken over by the German Rocket-Internet-Venture HelloFresh.

Dennree: 5% sales plus in 2017 to 974 million euros

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19.02.2018 Editor

The German Dennree group closed the financial year 2017 with sales of 974 million euros. As specifically forecast, the company was able to increase its sales by a further 5% compared with the previous year.

USA: The Organic Coup opens new location in Seattle

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17.01.2018 Editor

The first USDA certified organic restaurant chain The Organic Coup will open another branch in Seattle’s Columbia Tower next month and a food truck is planned for the Microsoft campus.

Amsterdam: fourth BioBorrel edition in December

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29.11.2017 Editor

On the 19th December 2017, the fourth edition of BioBorrel will be held at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam at 6 pm. BioBorrel is a series of events taking up on the continuous growth of the organic sector by providing the sector with an environment and a platform to discuss all kinds of questions about different certificates, responsibility and principles.

IFOAM: Neuer Weltvorstand gewählt

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16.11.2017 Redaktion

Am 12. und 13. November 2017, unmittelbar nach dem Organic World Congress (OWC) in Indien, trafen sich die Mitglieder der IFOAM – Organics International zur General Assembly. Der Präsident und ein neues World Board wurden gewählt.

IFOAM: new elections at the general assembly in India

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16.11.2017 Editor

On the 12th and 13th November 2017, subsequent to the Organic World Congress (OWC) in India, the members of IFOAM – Organics International gathered at their triannual general assembly. As we recently have announced, a new president as well as a new World Board for next three years has been elected at the meeting.

Argentina: Argencert founder Laura Montenegro passed away

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02.11.2017 Editor

On Saturday October 28 Laura Montenegro passed away in Buenos Aries, Argentina. She was one of the international leaders of the organic sector. She pioneered third party certification in Argentina and built up her company, Argencert, into one of the significant certifying bodies.

OTA: change-makers honored at the Annual Organic Leadership Awards

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21.09.2017 Editor

Last Wednesday, the Organic Trade Association held the Annual Organic Leadership Awards Celebration at the American Visionary Arts Museum.

Rapunzel’s „One World Award“ winners

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18.09.2017 Editor

On the 9th and 10th of September, Rapunzel’s One World Festival took place in Legau, Germany. As a part of the festival, Rapunzel Naturkost awarded five people with the One World Award (OWA). The prizes were handed over by Dr Gerd Müller, federal development minister, and Joseph Wilhelm, chief executive of Rapunzel.

India: Biowaste-driven cold storage project by Fraunhofer UMSICHT

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07.09.2017 Editor

As developing and emerging countries usually lack the infrastructure for transporting, processing and refrigerating the food they produce, about a third of it is lost through spoilage. At the same time, inadequate waste disposal means that hygiene is a big issue for people in these countries. Collaborating with the Indian cooperation partner Nupur Technomy, Fraunhofer UMSICHT has developed a technological concept that addresses the two problems of waste disposal and reliable refrigeration for food. The solution lies in creating a cold storage for food by making use of biowaste.

USA: Organic Fast-Food Restaurant opened by Walmart

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04.09.2017 Editor

Recently, the US super store chain Walmart has opened its first so called “farm-to-fork” fast food restaurant in Orlando, Florida. The new restaurant is an outpost of a chain known as Grown, founded by Ray and Shannon Allen and designed to serve organic food such as smoothies and falafel in environmentally friendly containers – if possible, sourced from local suppliers.

Sweden: KRAV considering withdrawal from EU organic regulations

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22.08.2017 Editor

If the Swedish organisation KRAV takes up a proposal preferred by some people belonging to the Swedish organic community, the consequence would mean that products with the KRAV label could not be promoted as being organic any longer. According the EU rules, products not fully complying with the EU Organic Regulation are not allowed to be labelled as being ‘organic’.


SEKEM: Sustainability Report 2016 published

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17.08.2017 Editor

Recently, the Egyptian initiative SEKEM has published its tenth sustainability report. This report depicts SEKEM’s efforts for a sustainable development in areas such as economy, ecology, culture and society. Summer Special

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29.06.2017 Editor

Our Summer Special at and offers you a great  opportunity for a low-cost campaign. From 1 August to 30 September, you can advertise 8 weeks for the price of 6 weeks!

Rainforest Alliance and UTZ merge

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26.06.2017 Editor

The two sustainability seals Rainforest Alliance (RFA) and UTZ are joining forces. In the course of this year the two sustainability certification organisations intend to become one company that will continue operations under the name Rainforest Alliance.

Sekem founder Ibrahim Abouleish dies

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21.06.2017 Editor

Ibrahim Abouleish, the founder of the Sekem initiative, has died at the age of 80. His death was announced by his family last week.

Unverpackt weltweit: Einfacher, leichter, müllfrei einkaufen

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17.05.2017 Sylvia Meise

Verpackungsmüllberge? Nein Danke! Nichts wegwerfen? Ja bitte! So lautet kurz gefasst das zentrale Ziel der Unverpackt-Läden, deren gesamtes Sortiment aus loser Ware besteht. Schon bald könnten sie auf dem ganzen Globus wie Pilze aus dem Boden sprießen.

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