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USA: University receives grant for study

Other issues Agriculture

20.06.2008 Redaktion
$ 380,000 to study organic dairy as closed ecosystem

Booming organic sector in Wales

Other issues Agriculture

15.05.2008 Redaktion
Over 300 farmers applied for the Organic Farming Scheme

Graubunden: high percentage of organic companies

Other issues Agriculture

12.05.2008 Redaktion
In Graubunden (Switzerland), 56 % of agricultural companies are organic

Spain: Sales of organic olive oil increased

Other issues Agriculture

24.04.2008 Redaktion
Sales of organic olive oil grew by 39 % in 2007

Izmir becomes center for organic agriculture

Other issues Agriculture

23.04.2008 Redaktion
Turkey: Izmir to become center for organic agriculture

Wales: confidence in organic production

Other issues Agriculture

22.04.2008 Redaktion
Interest in conversion remains strong and expansions are planned

New report on organic farming in the Mediterranean area

Other issues Agriculture

12.04.2008 Redaktion

The report was presented in Bari / Italy

Bioagricert implements two new certification schemes

Other issues Agriculture

28.03.2008 Redaktion

Bioagricert offers Fair Trade-operAequa and Eco Energy Certification

Spain: Round table on organic agriculture

Other issues Agriculture

28.02.2008 Redaktion
At Malaga, a round table was set up to boost organic agriculture

Ile-de-France encourages organic farming

Other issues Agriculture

06.02.2008 Redaktion

Organic farming is encouraged around water catchments

The Urban Agriculture Magazine

Other issues Agriculture

05.02.2008 Redaktion

EU: 1 % of the acreage for potatoes is organic

Other issues Agriculture

25.01.2008 Redaktion
23,000 hectares were used for growing organic potatoes in 2006

Organic cotton acreage increasing in the USA

Other issues Agriculture

13.01.2008 Redaktion

Area dedicated to organic cotton increased by 14 %

Organic farms in Czech Republic

Other issues Agriculture

23.12.2007 Redaktion

The number of organic farms in the Czech Republic rose by a third year-on-year

German Technical Cooperation and Elkana’s Future Activities

Other issues Agriculture

22.12.2007 Redaktion
Key topics: Organic Farming Development Perspectives

Conference on organic crops in Lebanon

Other issues Agriculture

09.12.2007 Redaktion

330 organic operators and 2,500 hectares of organic land in Lebanon

Organic agriculture in Croatia

Other issues Agriculture

31.10.2007 Redaktion
340 organic companies on 5,000 hectares in Croatia

RUS: organic animal husbandry

Other issues Agriculture

09.10.2007 Redaktion

Organics are growth market in Bulgaria

Other issues Agriculture

08.10.2007 Redaktion
Organic farming and food in Bulgaria is increasingly gaining public attention

Denmark’s organic milk production increasing

Other issues Agriculture

17.09.2007 Redaktion
Increasing demand  boosts organic milk production
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