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Regeneration Hub: new platform is launched

Other issues Agriculture

23.11.2016 Editor

Regeneration International (RI) and Open Team, in partnership with 17 organizations launched The Regeneration Hub (RHub) at the COP22 Climate Summit.

The Syngenta Blackbook

Other issues Agriculture

18.11.2016 Editor

Syngenta is besides Monsanto an example of big chemical companies that pollute environment and try to control the food supply. The Swiss corporation is the largest pesticide producer in the world.

Ukraine: potential that ought to be exploited

Other issues Agriculture


Ukraine is an important source of organic raw materials. Even after irregularities in recent years, some of a serious nature, nothing has changed regarding Ukraine as a sourcing country. There is potential and the new Ministry of Agriculture is working on closing gaps in the organic legislation, supporting organic farms and creating a corresponding infrastructure. However, many people feel the guidelines of the  EU Commission are a hindrance to trade. The guidelines were issued as a reaction to the scandals and apply until at least the end of this year. The two-day conference “Sourcing Organic from Ukraine” was conducive to constructive dialogue between representatives from Ukraine and representatives from politics and control organisations, importers and processors. (Video interviews)

Swiss GMO program in India in spite of their own ban

Other issues Agriculture

07.11.2016 Editor

India is heavily relying on its agriculture and when the harvest is not good the consequences can be catastrophic for their farmers. The garbanzo bean is one of the most popular crops of produce, particularly in northern India.

India: Terra Greens expands its organic base

Other issues Agriculture

03.11.2016 Editor

Terra Greens, a Hyderabad-based start up engaged in organic food business, has announced its move to adopt 4000 farmers in Tamil Nadu to meet the growing need for organic staples and encourage organic food cultivation.

Koppert partners with Lantmännen BioAgri

Other issues Agriculture

28.10.2016 Editor

Koppert and Lantmännen BioAgri have agreed on the acquisition of the assets of BioAgri’s microbial products, registrations and IP by Koppert. Koppert will expand its seed treatment capabilities.

German organic farmer concentrates successful on local marketing

Other issues Agriculture

27.10.2016 Editor

In Germany, where 6% of all farms are organic, Christoph and Beate Leiders are one of many farmers who have chosen to convert from traditional to organic production.

EU boosts Armenia’s organic agriculture

Other issues Agriculture

26.10.2016 Editor

The three year project OASI was founded by the EU and aims to support Armenian organic agriculture. The project has a budget of 3.3 million Euros. A big part of the project's support will go directly to Armenian producers and processors.

Agriculture research to prevail harming organic dung

Other issues Agriculture

26.10.2016 Editor

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), announced end of September, that they would give a $2 million grant to university research teams and U.S. agricultural departments.

Agroforestry: new findings by the University of Illinois

Other issues Agriculture

22.10.2016 Editor

Researchers at the University of Illinois have warned about hasty farming. Over 30 percent of the global land area is used for food production. A lot of sacrifices are made in the process, deforestation being one main issue.

Poland: new food act comes into parliament

Other issues Agriculture

21.10.2016 Editor

The ICPPC - International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside worked hard to get a New Food Act, which support small farmers to be discussed on a political level.

People’s Assembly Verdict: Monsanto guilty of crimes against the planet and humanity

Other issues Agriculture

20.10.2016 Editor

Monsanto and the Poison Cartel are guilty of crimes against our planet and humanity. This is the verdict from the People’s Assembly organized in the Hague alongside the Monsanto Tribunal.

Monsanto Tribunal starts tomorrow

Other issues Agriculture

13.10.2016 Editor

Tribunals are being launched because of serious crimes to accuse and punish crimes against humanity. The Monsanto Tribunal and the People's Assembly will take place in The Hague from 14 to 16 October.

Bayer-Monsanto merger about to happen

Other issues Agriculture

11.10.2016 Editor

On 24 September, the board of Monsanto agreed to accept the offer of Bayer to purchase Monsanto for $66 billion pending regulatory approval. The outcome will depend on the European Commission’s decision in Brussels.

Supporting organic through transitional food

Other issues Agriculture

10.10.2016 Editor

The main issue for a farmer during the transitional period is that the land will be farmed according to the organic rules, so at a higher cost, but the harvest is sold at the conventional price. A new concept of “certified transitional” is about to emerge.

Organic farming: irregular growth pattern in the USA

Other issues Agriculture

06.10.2016 Editor

Organic farming has kept growing steadily in the last few years, reaching $6.2 billion in sales value of certified organic products in 2015, which is 13% higher than the previous year. The 12,818 organic certified farms are unevenly spread across the country.


Organic growth for post-Brexit Ireland?

Other issues Agriculture

05.10.2016 Editor

Up to now, only 2% of Irish farmers are certified organic which means, that the majority does not acknowledge their most obvious market opportunity.

IFOAM EU launched web-based plattform for farmers

Other issues Agriculture

05.10.2016 Editor

The new web-based platform OK-Net Arable is launched to fill the gap in the exchange of information between farmers across Europe and promote exchange of knowledge among farmers, farm advisers and scientists.


European Organic Fruit Forum sets the direction of further development

Other issues Agriculture

03.10.2016 Redaktion

On the occasion of this year's general assembly, the members of the Europäische Bioobst Forum (EBF) met at the premises of the fruit farmers belonging to the Biosüdtirol cooperative in Gargazon near Lana.

Farmers going digital

Other issues Agriculture

30.09.2016 Redaktion

Because it is not always best to sit around at a local food market and wait for costumers to come by, farmers have begun to organize themselves via online farmers markets.

LLOOF Project: WWOOF Guide for Living and Learning on Organic Farms

Other issues Agriculture

26.09.2016 Editor

LLOOF is the combination of two years effort by 10 European WWOOF National Organisations, involving 20 representatives to complete a guide for WWOOFes.

Official Launch of the European Petition for Soil Protection

Other issues Agriculture

23.09.2016 Editor

On Thursday September 22nd the European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) ‘People4soil’, is launched at ‘Terra Madre’, the global Slow Food event on good, clean and fair food in Turin, Italy. The minimum target is to gather one million signatures.

Monsanto Tribunal: Vandana Shiva calls for action

Other issues Agriculture

22.09.2016 Editor

From 14 to 16 October 2016 the Monsanto Tribunal will be held in the Hague. In a video, the environmental activist Dr. Vandana Shiva appeals to people all over the world to get involved, and she explains the background to her call for action.

Black list: Greenpeace evaluates agrotoxins

Other issues Agriculture

21.09.2016 Editor

According to Greenpeace, agriculture in Europe is still using too many dangerous pesticides. The environmental protection organisation has now published a list of 209 active ingredients that are especially harmful to humans and the environment.

Zwergenwiese promotes German organic agriculture

Other issues Agriculture

19.09.2016 Editor

The German company Zwergenwiese says that strengthening  organic agriculture and preserving a rich diversity of varieties play an important role when they buy raw materials.

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