In Tallinn EU ministers of agriculture must look further than their egg cups

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04.09.2017 Editor

Estonia holds the EU Council Presidency until the end of this year. At their meeting in Tallinn from 3-5 September the topics to be discussed by the EU ministers of agriculture will include the fipronil scandal.

Germany: vote on meat terminology for veggie products

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28.08.2017 Editor

Rissoles, bratwurst, cutlets or steak: In Germany, it is still allowed to describe vegan-vegetarian products just like their counterparts of animal origin – but only if the “Guideline on naming vegetarian and vegan food,” as formulated by a committee of experts, is included in the German Food Code (the legal foundation for food legislation in Germany). The guideline has been submitted to the various associations for discussion and a vote is underway.

Traceability: different systems round the world

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08.08.2017 Editor

Tracing the movement of goods in the organic sector both within the EU and worldwide leaves much to be desired. Even with the EU's new electronic certification system TRACES (Trade Control & Export System) optimum traceability can't be achieved.

IFOAM EU: aims of the 11th European Organic Congress

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04.08.2017 Editor

The 11th European Organic Congress takes place in the Estonian capital Tallinn from 5 -7 September 2017. IFOAM EU Group has a clear agenda what they want for organic in Europe by 2030.

Glyphosate: extending authorisation only if EU states say yes

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27.07.2017 Editor

The wrangle over re-authorising glyphosate goes on and on. Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis, from the European Health and Food Safety Commission, has stated that this pesticide will be approved for a further 10 years only with the agreement of member states.

Germany: organic land reaches record level

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26.07.2017 Editor

According to the latest data provided by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, organic farming in Germany experienced above-average growth in 2016.

New EU Organic Regulation imminent – an analysis

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25.07.2017 Leo Frühschütz

The organic industry in many European countries reacted with horror when they heard that the Council of Ministers, the EU Parliament and the Commission have agreed behind closed doors on a revision of the EU Organic Regulation. Analysis of the results of negotiations reveals there are good reasons to be horrified. The organic sector is going to have a hard time in future. However, because numerous amendments are necessary, the final meeting of the EU ministers of agriculture was postponed at the last minute.

India: FSSAI issues draft regulations for organic food products

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25.07.2017 Editor

Seeking to ensure that organic food products really are organic, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has released a draft regulation for organic food.

Ukraine: register for Anti Fraud Initiative Conference

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20.07.2017 Editor

The Anti Fraud Initiative (AFI) in collaboration with IFOAM invites for the conference “Improving Integrity of Organic Supply Chains” in Odesa (Ukraine) on 21-22 September 2017.

EU: vote on importing new GM soya

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20.07.2017 Editor

In mid July a vote was taken in Brussels on further approval by the EU of imports of genetically engineered soya beans.

EU Organic regulation: compromise taken off the agenda of the EU Agriculture Ministers’ meeting

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19.07.2017 Editor

According to IFOAM EU Group in Brussels,the expected provisional endorsement on the outcomes of last trilogue was taken off the agenda of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council on 18 July 2017. This is seen as a chance to make the text workable.

USA: three states restrict the use of Monsanto´s Dicamba

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18.07.2017 Editor

Farmers from Arkansas, Missouri and Tennessee have sent almost 600 complaints regarding the misuse of Monsanto herbicide Dicamba to the state authorities. Now the use of the pesticide is restricted.

EU: environmental footprint stated on food

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17.07.2017 Editor

By 2020 at the latest uniform labelling across the whole of Europe will provide information about the environmental impact of food items.

FiBL Europe celebrates its opening

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14.07.2017 Editor

The leading research institute in organic agriculture, FiBL, inaugurated its new office in Brussels. It builds a bridge between FiBL’s sound scientific knowledge on organic farming and the policy-making processes taking place in Brussels.

EU: Environment Committee in favour of neonicotinoid ban

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04.07.2017 Editor

In a vote taken last Thursday the Environment Committee of the European Parliament rejected with a big majority a resolution of the Conservatives and populists not to ban the three neonicotinoids that are regarded as particularly dangerous to bees.

EU: More than 1 million against glyphosate

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03.07.2017 Editor

Within four months, well over a million men and women in Europe have stated in a European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) that they are in favour of a ban on glyphosate.

IFOAM EU: Provisional agreement reached - impact on organic operators to be evaluated

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30.06.2017 Editor

Last Wednesday, after more than three years of negotiations, the three EU Institutions – the Commission, the Council and the Parliament – came to a provisional agreement on the European organic regulation.

EU: Council agrees on draft of a new organic regulation

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29.06.2017 Editor

DG Agri (EU) in Brussels explains that new rules were informally agreed by Council′ negotiators in the final trilogue yesterday.

India: 5,000 farmers in a organic farming project

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27.06.2017 Editor

The State Government has identified 10 clusters across nine districts of Assam for implementation of the centrally-sponsored Mission Organic Value Chain Development for the north-eastern region (MOVCD).

Soil Association: need for a climate friendly farming

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20.06.2017 Editor

Tackling climate change must be a top priority for future food and farming policy. The next government will be faced with the challenge of producing an agricultural policy for the UK for the first time in decades, says the Soil Association.

EU: No pesticides on Ecological Focus Areas

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15.06.2017 Editor

PAN Europe (Pesticide Action Network) welcomes yesterday’s successful vote on the Commission Delegated Regulation proposing to ban pesticides in Ecological Focus Areas that took place in the European Parliament’s plenary session.

Glyphosate: MEPs grilled Commission on “Monsanto papers”

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14.06.2017 Editor

The debate yesterday in the European Parliament MEPs say that correspondence has shed doubt on the credibility of a number of Monsanto-sponsored studies. The studies were part of the evidence used by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) to evaluate the safety of glyphosate.

IFOAM EU: Organic regulation review – risk of a bad deal

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13.06.2017 Editor

Yesterday’s meeting of the Council of Agriculture Ministers did not change the opinion of the organic sector on the current draft text for a new organic regulation. As no new content has been presented, IFOAM EU and others still question the real added value and the technical soundness of the proposal.

EU organic regulation negotiations: time for a change

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13.06.2017 Editor

In a common statement ahead of the upcoming debate at the Council of Agriculture Ministers of 12 June, the Organic (IFOAM) and Fair Trade movements (FTAO) and Organic Certifiers (EOCC) announce the need of alternative approaches.  

USA: States sue EPA

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08.06.2017 Editor

As the German TV reported, Attorneys-at-Law from the states of New York, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, California, Washington and Maryland are suing the American environmental protection agency EPA.

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