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The organic sector urges the Commission to classify new genetic engineering techniques as GMOs

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15.01.2016 Editor

IFOAM EU has published a position paper on new genetic engineering techniques, ahead of the legal interpretation of the European Commission, expected by March 2016.

Global Food, Farming and Environmental Justice Groups to put Monsanto on trial

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15.01.2016 Editor

The Organic Consumers Association (OCA), IFOAM International Organics, Navdanya, Regeneration International (RI), and Millions Against Monsanto and others announced that they will put Monsanto on trial on World Food Day, October 16, 2016.

Ekoagros, an organic agriculture certification body in Lithuania

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04.01.2016 Editor

Ekoagros, an organic agriculture certification body in Lithuania, completed certification process of all owned and leased farmland areas,

EU-funded Organic Agriculture Support Initiative for Armenia

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30.12.2015 Editor

December the 15th, marked the start of a new EU-funded project in Armenia. The Organic Agriculture Support Initiative (OASI) will help to develop the potential of the Armenian organic agriculture sector over the next three years.

Organic regulations: controversial issues in the planned revision of the law

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29.12.2015 Kai Kreuzer

The German lawyer Hanspeter Schmidt who is specialized on the organic industry explained news about the revision of the EU Organic Regulation.

Review of the Year 2015: Events, Developments, Trends and Numbers

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It’s been a good year for the organic industry: the turnover of manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers in Germany, on the European and international markets has grown continually. The area of organically farmed land and the number of organic farms have increased slightly in this Year of the Soil. Look back with us over the organic year in our review! 

Turkish control organization ETKO loses EU authorization

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22.07.2015 Leo Frühschütz

With the Implementing Regulation 931/2015 the EU Commission removed the Turkish Control Organization ETKO from “The list of recognized control bodies for the purpose of equivalence”. It is unclear what consequences these decisions have for supplies of cereals and seed that were certified by ETKO and sent to the EU but have not yet been processed or consumed.

IFOAM representatives discussed with Regeneration International

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29.06.2015 Redaktion

Organics International along with representatives from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Patagonia, Greenpeace and The Millennium Institute participated in the three-day Regeneration International Conference, 7- 9th of June, in Costa Rica.

USA: promotion plan for marketing organic products?

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25.06.2015 Redaktion

General questions about a new marketing promotion programme for US companies were discussed during workshop at United Fresh 2015 (

USA: national GMO labelling initiative in discussion

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25.06.2015 Redaktion

Across America a political battle is raging over proposed state laws mandating the labelling of genetically modified food.

AGRI Council on Organic: Reasonable compromise took up many sector demands

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Ministers agreed yesterday at the AGRIFISH Council on a general approach on the Commission proposal for a new organic regulation. An IFOAM EU delegation in Luxembourg witnessed a last minute amendment to ensure that organic farmers won't be punished by EU legislation in future for contamination resulting from their conventional neighbours or the environment.

IFOAM EU Congress: Visions for 2030

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The European organic movement has launched its vision for organic in Europe in 2030 at the 9th European Organic Congress on 11-12 June, organised by IFOAM EU together with the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the Latvian Ministry of Agriculture and the Latvian Association of Organic Agriculture.

IFOAM Congress: EU Policies should support the Organic sector

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At this politically important moment for the organic regulation reform – between an informal AGRIFISH Council during which there was still much disagreement over key issues last week and the upcoming formal meeting of 16 June at which an agreement on the organic regulation review is expected in the Council – more than 150 people from 23 countries joined the Latvian Minister of Agriculture, Green MEP Martin Häusling, other policy makers and leading organic experts to discuss the future of the organic sector. The occasion is the 9th European Organic Congress organised by the Latvian Presidency, the Latvian Ministry of Agriculture, IFOAM EU and ALOA.

IFOAM: council compromise a risk of less harmonised rules for organic in EU

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National agriculture ministers are set to adopt the Council opinion on the proposal for a new EU Organic Regulation based on a new presidency text at the Agriculture and Fisheries Council on June 16th. IFOAM EU highlights that the latest compromise text would lead to less harmonisation than the status quo in the EU and therefore urges ministers to come up with a more consistent approach before adopting its position.

Canadian organic sector welcomes government support

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The federal government has announced a CAD785,000 (€574,000)  investment in Canada’s organic sector to build and expand markets at home and abroad.

Ukraine: 5th International Central/Eastern Europe and Central Asia Conference

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26.05.2015 Kai Kreuzer

The 5th International Conference on the Development of the Organic Sector in Central/Eastern European and Central Asian countries is considered by the participants and organizers to have been a great success.

Organic sector petitions USDA for organic check-off

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OTA, in collaboration with the GRO Organic Core Committee, formally petitioned the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to begin steps to conduct a vote on and implement a research and promotion check-off program for the organic industry.

EC Commission authorises GMOs for food/feed uses and GM carnations

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The Commission has adopted ten new authorisations for GMOs for food/feed use, seven renewals of existing authorisations and also the authorisation for the importation of two GMO cut flowers (not for food or feed).

USDA announces record number of organic producers

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has announced that the organic industry continues to show remarkable growth.

Contaminated animal feed: Ukrainian supplier’s certificate withdrawn

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14.04.2015 Leo Frühschütz

In the autumn of 2014, several consignments of organic sunflower cake were imported by the EU as animal feed from Ukraine. They were contaminated with pesticides and were presumably partly of conventional origin. So far, little progress has been made at EU level or in Ukraine to clear up this incident.

Food embargo could help organic agriculture in Russia

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08.04.2015 Redaktion

The embargo on importing European foodstuffs, imposed on Russia in 2014, is acting as an incentive for domestic production of organic food. Experts also see potential for foreign investment it says in the online magazine Russia and India Report.

Berlin: organs on track to grow in the metropolitan region

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Total turnover in the regional specialist trade in the metropolitan area of Berlin-Brandenburg was well over 350 million euros in 2014. This equates to growth of at least 8 %.

2015 - the International Year of Soils

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2015 is the International Year of Soils. The IYS 2015, initiated by the FAO, aims to increase awareness and understanding of the importance of soil for food security and essential ecosystem functions

Continued funding for Food for Life Scotland

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The Scottish Government has announced further funding for Soil Association Scotland's Food for Life Scotland programme.

German organic market grows to 7.91billion euros

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According to the calculations of the organization “Arbeitskreis Biomarkt”*, in 2014 turnover of organic food and beverages rose by 4.8 %, and the total market volume increased to €7.91bn (2013: €7.55bn).



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