IFOAM: 11th European Organic Congress

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24.05.2017 Editor

This Congress from 5 -7 September 2017 in the Estonian capital Tallinn will look at how stakeholders and policymakers can work together to reach the European Organic Vision 2030, with the launch of a roadmap for making it happen.

Germany: failure of draft bill banning GMOs

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23.05.2017 Editor

The controversial draft bill on banning the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in agriculture has failed. The coalition partners in the federal government – the SPD and the CDU/CSU -  could not reach a consensus. Critics say no law is better than a bad law.

UK: Next government must prioritise soil

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11.05.2017 Editor

A news item published by the Soil Association explains that in the run-up to the general election in the UK they are urging all parties to commit to protecting and restoring soil health in their manifestos. 

David against Goliath in the Vinschgau Region

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09.05.2017 Kai Kreuzer

A municipality in the Italian province of South Tyrol dispenses with all pesticides. The governor of the province objects and senses it could set a precedent. But many people are supporting the pesticide opponents of Mals.

Germany: Empty Bins Campaign

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09.05.2017 Editor

2 May was protest day against food waste. An article in Eco-World ( describes how activists demonstrated in front of the federal Ministry of Agriculture to vent their anger at the minister for ignoring this humanitarian and environmental issue.

EU: CETA and cloned cattle

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06.05.2017 Editor

A research commissioned by the Greens/EFA Group in the EU Parliament and carried out by Testbiotech  revealed it is likely that cloned cattle stemming from cloned bulls have entered the EU.

Roundup – carcinogenic or not?

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05.04.2017 Editor

Has evidence that Roundup causes cancer been suppressed? Collusion on the part of Monsanto and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)?

Norway/Iceland: Back to a level playing field

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01.04.2017 Editor

From March 2017, after a delay of 8 years, the EU will permit imports of organic salmon from EEA countries that have been certified in compliance with EU stipulations.

Monsanto Tribunal: Rechtsgutachten wird am 18. April verkündet

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21.03.2017 Karin Heinze

Am 18. April werden die Richter des Monsanto Tribunalslöffentlich ihr Gutachten und ihre Empfehlungen in Den Haag verkünden. Es wird dazu einen Live Stream in englisch, französisch, deutsch und spanisch geben.

EU: renouncing palm oil?

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17.03.2017 Redaktion

Sustainable production and export criteria for palm oil and gradually  abandoning the promotion of biofuel are intended to create better protection of the rainforest and the threatened species that live therein.

Legal opinion of the Monsanto Tribunal: April 18th

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14.03.2017 Editor

On April 18th, the Monsanto Tribunal judges will publicly present their conclusions and legal recommendations in The Hague. This event will be livestreamed in English, French, German and Spanish.

EU-Chile: organic trade agreement to be signed

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08.03.2017 Editor

On 6 March 2017, the European Council adopted a decision on the signing of an agreement between the European Union and the Republic of Chile on trade in organic products. 

EU organic law: trialogue continues under the leadership of Malta

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08.03.2017 Editor

After a three-month break, the negotiations on the revision of the EU Eco-Regulation under the Maltese Presidency of the Council continue today. The German Minister of Agriculture, Christian Schmidt, has also contributed to this with his vote but opposite to the decision of the federal states and other European Member States.

EU CAP: organisations call for a radical reform

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07.03.2017 Editor

Over 150 European civil society organisations from 25 EU countries have called on EU leaders to carry out a radical reform of the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) and related policies.

Approving eco plant protection products to become simpler

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06.03.2017 Editor

The EU Parliament intends to speed up the authorisation procedures for bio pesticides. The portal reports that the members of parliament are calling on the EU Commission to make the corresponding changes to the law.

EU Agricultural policy: citizens can submit proposals

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02.03.2017 Editor

EU Commissioner for agriculture, Phil Hogan, has launched a survey to find out the opinions of citizens on the future of EU agricultural policy after 2020.

EU: ban for British GM crops?

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27.02.2017 Editor

As a leaked report by the European Parliament shows, there are plans to ban British products if they are contaminated with genetically modified organism.  

Germany: Minister presented future strategy of organic farming

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17.02.2017 Editor

The future strategy of organic farming (ZÖL) by the Minister of Agriculture, Christian Schmidt, was presented at BioFach. On nearly 100 pages goals and measures are outlined to push the organic sector in Germany.

USA: animal welfare rule for the organic sector released

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06.02.2017 Editor

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) on January 19 published the final rule on animal welfare standards for organic livestock and poultry in the Federal Register.

Trump´s Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue

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02.02.2017 Editor

US-President Donald Trump has nominated the former Georgia Republican Governor Sonny Perdue for Agriculture Secretary. Stakeholders of the organic industry gave their statement.

Scotland's organic market is growing continuously

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01.02.2017 Editor

According to the Organic Market Report 2016 of the British Soil Association, Scotland experienced stable market growth last year, and it was a major contributor to overall growth in Britain.

USA: GROorganic Check-off program

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31.01.2017 Editor

GRO Organic Check-off is a proposal for a nationwide research and promotion program for the organic sector. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is seeking public comments.

Demo „We've had enough of agro-industry“ – 9 demands for a change

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31.01.2017 Karin Heinze

Election year and Green Week: time to talk about the future of agriculture and to demonstrate for a change of direction in agriculture. The seventh “We've had enough” demo in Berlin was an opportunity to do just that – 18,000 people went onto the streets. The motley crowd marched through the government district in Berlin, but the events before and after the demo too were also a platform for targeting the demands of the organic industry, animal welfare organisations, environmentalists and critics of capitalism etc. at politicians (Video).

German Environment Minister Hendricks calls for ecological agriculture

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27.01.2017 Editor

At the International Green Week in Berlin Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks calls for a rethinking of agriculture and consumer behavior.

We are fed up with the agricultural industry!

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24.01.2017 Editor

Under the motto "We are fed up with the agricultural industry!" 18,000 farmers and citizens demand a change in agricultural and nutrition policy. The alliance calls for a 9-point plan for animal, environment and climate change in agriculture.

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