Challenges and opportunities to developing organic farming under a new organic regulation

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26.04.2016 Karin Heinze

Is the new EU Organic Regulation negotiated until June? Where are still sticking points? That was the topic on the second day of the IFOAM EU congress in the Netherlands. The 200 participants from 27 EU countries listened intently what the negotiators from Brussels brought up in the discussion. There are still some open issues, but the Dutch have indicated their objective of concluding the trialogue between the Commission, Council and Parliament, and to bring the new regulation by the end of its EU presidency on the way. With video documentation on BioMarktInfo Youtube.

Attack on Vermont's GMO labeling law!

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26.04.2016 Editor

Under pressure from Monsanto and Big Food lobbyists, Vermont lawmakers are weighing a rider to the state budget bill that would let food companies off the hook for complying with Vermont’s GMO labeling law until January 1, 2018.

USDA: Protecting organic integrity through enforcement

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25.04.2016 Editor

The mission of the National Organic Program (NOP) is to protect the integrity of the USDA organic seal. In FY 2015, enforcement activities resulted in 13 settlement agreements and civil penalties in excess of $1.8 million. 

UK’s Organic farmers fear the exit of the EU

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25.04.2016 Editor

The leading organic licensing body OF&G said being part of the EU gives organic businesses direct access to the world’s second largest organic market.

Members of the European Parliament want a ban on garden weedkiller

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19.04.2016 Editor

The existing license for glyphosate expires in June and the European Commission is set to decide whether to approve its use for another 15 years.

Chile and the EU sign agreement on organic products

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19.04.2016 Redaktion

The first EU bilateral recognition with a Latin American country has come to an end.

IFOAM EU Congress: how to transform the agri-food system

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19.04.2016 Karin Heinze

In his welcome note for the 10th IFOAM EU European Organic Congress in Driebergen, Netherlands, re-elected IFOAM EU President Christopher Stopes emphasized that this event would contain a high level of interaction with more than 200 participants. The goal was to look at different models to reach the vision and make Organic 3.0 concrete. Watch the video with statements of several stakeholders.

EU Parliament opposes re-approval of glyphosate for most uses

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14.04.2016 Editor

Breaking news from the European Parliament. Yesterday it voted for new regulations on Glyphosate including stopping pre-harvest use.

France intend to better animal welfare

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14.04.2016 Editor

The French Ministry for Agriculture has launched a four-year animal welfare strategy, a first for the country, which is far behind its European partners in this respect.

IFOAM EU: Schlüter übergibt an Cuoco, Stopes als Präsident bestätigt

Politics, Politics

13.04.2016 Karin Heinze

Marco Schlüter, langjähriger IFOAM EU Direktor, übergab am 8. April offiziell die Geschäfte an seinen Nachfolger Eduardo Cuoco, der bisher die Forschungs- und Innovationsplattform der IFOAM EU, TPOrganics, leitete. Die Verabschiedung Schlüters fand während der IFOAM-Generalversammlung in Amsterdam statt, ebenso wie die Vorstandswahlen. Christopher Stopes wurde für eine weitere Amtsperiode als Präsident bestätigt. Im Video-Interview blickt Schlüter auf 13 Jahre Arbeit in Brüssel zurück und beschreibt die aktuellen Herausforderungen.

IFOAM EU: change of directors, president re-elected

Politics, Politics

12.04.2016 Karin Heinze

Long-term IFOAM EU Director Marco Schlüter officially stepped down on Friday, April 8. Eduardo Cuoco who was responsible for Technology Research Platform for organic food and farming TPOrganics was appointed to be the new director. See the video-interview with the outgoing director Marco Schlüter and the new director Eduardo Cuoco.

The long way to sustainable palm oil

Politics, Politics

07.04.2016 Redaktion

Indonesia’s Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Darmin Nasution has called on European countries to pay the premium for sustainable palm oil, affirms Eco-Business.

IFOAM EU: New board elected

Politics, Politics

05.04.2016 Editor

Building on the strength of increasing influence and recognition for its strong advocacy work in Brussels, the IFOAM EU membership elected a new board at its 8th General Assembly in Amsterdam yesterday.

EU organic controls: quite good on paper, but...

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05.04.2016 Leo Frühschütz

In principle and on paper organic controls in the EU work quite well. However, in practice there is still a lot that could be improved in many countries. This is the conclusion we can draw from three reports presented by the Food and Veterinary Office (FVO) of the EU that have summarised the results of a large number of audits carried out by the staff of the FVO from 2012 to 2014.

Markets have to adjust to Europe’s food safety legislations

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29.03.2016 Editor

In recent years, the food sector has been regularly hit by crises, according to the site Fresh Plaza.

IFOAM asking for feedback about a draft on genetic engineering

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15.03.2016 Redaktion

IFOAM – Organics International invites to contribute to the global vision on genetic engineering and genetically modified organisms.

IFOAM EU: only a few places left for European Organic Congress

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14.03.2016 Editor

In three weeks the IFOAM EU is celebrating its 10th European Organic Congress. From 4 – 6 April the congress will be in Driebergen, Netherlands. There are only a few places left – register before 18 March.

Glyphosate - an investigative film

Politics, Politics

10.03.2016 Editor

Glyphosate is the world’s most widely used weed killer. Some claim it is completely harmless, others say it is a serious health hazard for man and animals. A topical investigation into a controversial substance.

Glyphosate: EU postpones decision on continuing authorization

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09.03.2016 Editor

At the beginning of the week, the decision on extending the authorization of glyphosate was on the agenda of the representatives of EU member states in Brussels. A number of countries had refused to give their permission for renewal. Since no agreement was reached, the vote was postponed.


Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide ingredient Glyphosate and its coincidences

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01.03.2016 Editor

A growing number of lawsuits alleging that Monsanto long knew that Roundup’s glyphosate could harm human health.

Discussions on new EU organic regulation continue

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29.02.2016 Editor

In January 2016, the Dutch Presidency of the Council took over the role of steering the Member States through the trilogue negotiations with the Parliament and the Commission on the organic dossier. During the first three trilogue meetings not much progress was made and the key issues remain unresolved.

Transgenic maize authorisation must be rescinded

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26.02.2016 Editor

Thirteen civil society organisations have officially alerted the European Commission that the wild ancestor of cultivated maize, teosinte, has appeared in Spain and is spreading widely in maize growing areas as an invasive species.

Organic 3.0 progressing well

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14.02.2016 Horst Fiedler

We’re successful, but we’re still a niche industry."This is how IFOAM managing director Markus Arbenz at the BioFach Organic 3.0 Congress described the worldwide effort being put into organic agriculture and sustainable consumption.


Denmark, the world’s first 100% organic country?

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11.02.2016 Editor

Danish consumers are the most pro-organic consumers in the world, according to Organic Denmark, an association of companies, organic farmers and consumers.

EU Parliament opposes import of three herbicide-resistant GM crops

Politics, Politics

05.02.2016 Editor

On Wednesday, 3 February 2015 the European Parliament voted to oppose the import of three genetically modified (GM) soybeans into the European Union.

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