Thailand: BIOFACH SOUTH EAST ASIA starting in 2018

Trade, BioFach Globally

08.09.2017 Editor

As the seventh member of the BIOFACH-family, the new BIOFACH SOUTHEAST ASIA fair will open its doors from 12th – 15th July 2018 at the IMPACT Exhibition Center in Nonthaburi, Bangkok.

BioFach India/ India Organic together with the 19th Organic World Congress

Trade, BioFach Globally

03.08.2017 Editor

The ninth edition of BioFach India together with India Organic trade fairs will be held concurrently with the Organic World Congress of IFOAM Organics International from 9th-11th November 2017 at India Expo Mart, Greater Noida, U.P. (Delhi)



BioFach India: Buyers´Delegation for sourcing

Trade, BioFach Globally

28.07.2017 Editor

As in previous years, the Indian organisation ICCOA is offering a program for sourcing organic from India at BioFach India. The international trade fair will be held from 9 – 11 November 2017 in Noida/Delhi, running parallel with the IFOAM World Congress.

BioFach China with more exhibitors and visitors

Trade, BioFach Globally

13.07.2017 Editor

The  eleventh  BioFach China end of May counted more  exhibitors  and  visitors and was more international too.

Brazil´s organic trade fairs with significant growth

Trade, BioFach Globally

07.07.2017 Editor

From 7 to 10 June the 13th Biofach America Latina – Bio Brazil Fair saw around 35% more than visitors than the previous year (25,664) and 167 purely organic exhibitors (2016: 117).

Biofach India and Organic World Congress: two international events in Delhi

Trade, BioFach Globally

15.06.2017 Editor

Biofach India together with India Organic from 9 – 11 November will this year be a very special occasion. At the same time the 19th IFOAM Organic World Congress will be held in the halls of the India Expo Mart (IEML) in Greater Noida near New Delhi.

Trip to BioFach India for professional buyers

Trade, BioFach Globally

15.06.2017 Editor

As we have seen in the last four years, in 2017 professional buyers are again being offered a trip to BioFach India (held from 9 – 11 November in Delhi) together with the 19th IFOAM Organic World Congress.

BioFach China 2016 show report released

Trade, BioFach Globally

12.12.2016 Editor

16,546 visitors from all over the world came together with 337 exhibitors at the Shanghai World Expo Convention Center (SWEECC), for the tenth Biofach China. The next event will take place on May 25 – 27 at the same venue.

A positive outcome for BioFach America

Trade, BioFach Globally

16.11.2016 Editor

End of September the organic theme was at the centre of everything going on in the Baltimore Convention Center that was host to BioFach America. More than 28,000 international visitors came to the east coast of America.

Record number of visitors at BioFach America Latina

Trade, BioFach Globally

20.09.2016 Editor

The twelfth BioFach America Latina - Bio Brazil Fair registered a record number of visitors: 19,051 international visitors attended the double trade fair and sought information from 117  purely organic exhibitors about the latest products and services the sector has to offer.

BioFach India: buyers program and excursions

Trade, BioFach Globally

11.07.2016 Editor

Along with BioFach India - India Organic (BIIO) from 10 - 12 November 2016 in Delhi, again a buyer´s program and purchasing trip for organic stakeholders is offered by the International Competence Center of Organic Agriculture ICCOA.

BioFach China: Satisfied exhibitors and visitors

Trade, BioFach Globally

06.07.2016 Editor

The 10th BioFach China hosted 337 exhibitors and counted 16,546 national and international trade visitors.

China: First Organic Science Day & Technology Innovation Forum

Trade, BioFach Globally

21.06.2016 Editor

Almost 130 participants, speakers from around the world and a regional group of TIPI in China founded: The first Organic Science Day & Technology Innovation Forum in China at BioFach China 2016.

BioFach America Latina - BioBrazil in Sao Paulo

Trade, BioFach Globally

06.05.2016 Editor

From 8 to 11 June 2016, Biofach America Latina - Bio Brazil Fair will be opening its doors for the twelfth edition of the event in the Biennale Pavilion of Ibirapuera Park in São Paulo.

Indian umbrella organization ICCOA creates market access

Trade, BioFach Globally

15.03.2016 Karin Heinze

The International Competence Centre for Organic Agriculture ICCOA has been working as an umbrella organization for organic farming for more than ten years. The organization´s vision is not only to enable farmer to produce organic crops but also to help them find appropriate markets, both national and abroad. Two important steps have been accomplished by establishing C-SOF, the Centre for Sustainable and Organic Agriculture, andSusAgri Development Private Ltd., creating market linkage for organic products sourced directly from farmers. With Video-Interviews.

BIIO: Platform for marketing Indian organic products

Trade, BioFach Globally

02.02.2016 Karin Heinze

The Indian organic market and in particular production have developed rapidly in recent years. For the seventh time, BioFach India together with India Organic (BIIO) brought producers and traders together. With video.

Bio Brazil Fair / BioFach America Latina

Trade, BioFach Globally


From 10 to 13 June 2015, in the Ibirapuera Bienal pavilion in São Paulo, the focus will once again be entirely on organic products and organic farming.


BioFach China grows further

Trade, BioFach Globally

02.04.2015 Karin Heinze

BioFach China takes place at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center (SWEECC) for the first time from 28 to 30 May.

India: organic sector makes better use of its potential

Trade, BioFach Globally

23.01.2015 Redaktion

The Indian subcontinent, with its vast population, has not only a huge number of small farmers and over four million hectares of organically managed land.

Brazil: dynamic growth of the domestic market and exports

Trade, BioFach Globally

27.06.2014 Redaktion
In our country special, we report in several articles on the Brazilian organic market.

Sourcing in India: tracking down organic raw materials

Trade, BioFach Globally

11.12.2013 Redaktion
India is an important source of raw materials for organic products

BioFach China - the Only Truly Organic Exhibition in China

Trade, BioFach Globally

16.04.2013 Redaktion
China’s organic sector has been going through great changes since 2012

BioFach Globally: successfully developing international organic markets

Trade, BioFach Globally

14.03.2013 Redaktion
Growth in the international organic markets is still steady. Global sales of organic products reached almost 63 billion US dollars.

India to continue rapid expansion of organic sector

Trade, BioFach Globally

16.08.2012 Redaktion
India aims to further expand organic agriculture and become a leading supplier.
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