IFOAM 2015 Annual Report

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16.06.2016 Editor

The title of the 2015 Annual Report, ‘Into the Future’, reflects the journey that the IFOAM is committed to with Organic 3.0 – The Next Phase of Organic Development.

Bayer&Monsanto: the next merger in the agrochemical industry is imminent

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14.06.2016 Editor

Merger mania has broken out among agrochemical corporations. Chinese ChemChina wants to buy Swiss Syngenta, Dow Chemical and DuPont want to join and Bayer has offered US$62bn for its competitor Monsanto.

Global Organic Textile Standard Revision 5.0

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11.06.2016 Editor

The revision process of GOTS Version 4.0 has commenced announced the Certifiers Council meeting in February 2016, a first revision draft for GOTS Version 5.0 has now been released to stakeholders for their inputs and comments.

Great May march against Monsanto

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31.05.2016 Editor

In response to Monsanto’s GMO activities, March Against Monsanto’s main peaceful protest of GMOs in the global agricultural industry is an annual march, held in multiple cities globally.

Amarjit Sahota: visionary of worldwide organic development

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31.05.2016 Kai Kreuzer

Fifteen years ago the now 44-year-old Sahota founded a management consultancy in London. Nobody suspected at that time what the little firm called Organic Monitor would one day become. Now this modest Englishman of Indian descent and his exceptionally dedicated team organize a large number of congresses all over the world. Watch the video interview.

China: consequences of the Syngenta acquisition

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17.05.2016 Editor

With the aquisition of Swiss GMO company Syngenta China puts genetically modified food on menu. But a majority of Chinese consumers don´t want it.

Conventional food is considerably more expensive than organic food

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17.05.2016 Karin Heinze

For a long time the organic industry has been having a discussion about so-called externalized costs. But far from all consumers are aware of the fact that the low price of food is achieved at a cost because of the chemicals used in agriculture, factory farming and the severe consequences for the environment. Or they put it to the back of their minds. It’s high time to tell people the truth. This is the reason why Volkert Engelsman, head of the Dutch organic company Eosta, has launched the information campaign “The True Cost of Food”. Organic supermarkets have started to promote the campaign. The background and a video interview with Volkert Engelsman.

What happens when EU states approve glyphosate again

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10.05.2016 Leo Frühschütz

The European parliament submitted a compromise proposal for extending the authorisation of the controversial herbicide glyphosate and voted with a big majority for certain conditions and an extension of only seven instead of fifteen years. This proposal is, however, not legally binding.The fact that the decision was postponed was a morale-booster for many people who oppose pesticides. Our author Leo Frühschütz spoke with Heike Moldenhauer, the expert in genetic engineering at the German Organisation for Environment and Nature Protection (BUND), about the chances of still being able to prevent a renewal of the authorisation of glyphosate.

EU Parliament opposes re-approval of glyphosate for most uses

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14.04.2016 Editor

Breaking news from the European Parliament. Yesterday it voted for new regulations on Glyphosate including stopping pre-harvest use.

Organic cosmetics to grow globally

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08.04.2016 Redaktion

The global market for organic cosmetics is growing, according to the Global Organic Cosmetics Market Forecast & Opportun­ities, 2021: TechSci Research Report.

Organic Greenhouse Farming

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04.04.2016 Editor

And the benefits of organic farming extend beyond just bringing healthy food to our markets, according to Mission Network News.

Markets have to adjust to Europe’s food safety legislations

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29.03.2016 Editor

In recent years, the food sector has been regularly hit by crises, according to the site Fresh Plaza.

Projects to revitalize agricultural soils

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28.03.2016 Editor

According to the recent United Nations report, Status of the World’s Soil Resources, the world can ameliorate soil degradation if more sustainable practices are promptly implemented.

Fairtrade Foundation looking for more partners

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21.03.2016 Editor

The Fairtrade Foundation will increase its investment in business innovation between 2016 - 2020.

Open calls for the Organic World Congress 2017

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16.03.2016 Editor

The 19th Organic World Congress of IFOAM - Organics International, will take place from 09th to the 11th of November 2017 in India, now opens its Call for Papers.

Glyphosate: EU postpones decision on continuing authorization

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09.03.2016 Editor

At the beginning of the week, the decision on extending the authorization of glyphosate was on the agenda of the representatives of EU member states in Brussels. A number of countries had refused to give their permission for renewal. Since no agreement was reached, the vote was postponed.


Seed giants active around new methods of genetic engineering

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03.03.2016 Redaktion

The German organisation Testbiotech has published a report which for the first time gives an overview of patents filed by large corporations for the use of gene-editing and synthetic gene technology in food plants.

Global Organic Textile Standards certification keeps growing

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22.02.2016 Editor

The number of facilities certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) kept on growing last year, increasing from 3,663 facilities in 2014 to 3,814 facilities in 2015.

Record number of visitors at BioFach and Vivaness

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15.02.2016 Karin Heinze

As NürnbergMesse announced at the end of the four-day industry get-together in Nuremberg, approximately 48,000 visitors attended this year’s trade fair duo BioFach and Vivaness  – 4,000 more than last year.

43.7 million hectares of organic land worldwide

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10.02.2016 Karin Heinze

The latest global data on organic farming has been presented by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) and IFOAM – Organics International at the BioFach fair in Nuremberg.

Bio wächst weltweit: 43,7 Millionen Hektar Biofläche

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10.02.2016 Redaktion

Das Forschungsinstitut für biologischen Landbau (FiBL) und IFOAM – Organics International präsentierten am 10. Februar 2016 die neuesten Zahlen zum Biolandbau weltweit.

BioFach key theme: "Organic 3.0 – Acting for more organic!"

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03.02.2016 Editor

This year again BioFach´s focus of the congress is on the further development of the organic sector. "Organic 3.0 - Acting for more organic!" is the discussion on the future of the organic sector with credible and sustainable concepts.

Key theme: Organic 3.0 – Acting for more organic!

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02.02.2016 Karin Heinze

This year again BioFach´s focus of the congress is on the further development of the organic sector. "Organic 3.0 - Acting for more organic!" is the discussion on the future of the organic sector with credible and sustainable concepts.

Vivaness celebrates its 10th birthday

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01.02.2016 Karin Heinze

For the tenth edition of Vivaness, the trade fair for natural and organic cosmetics, numerous highlights and surprises have been promised by the organizers. Over 200 exhibitors from around 30 countries are again expected.

BioFach Congress: facts, trends and numbers

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01.02.2016 Alexander Reinbold

Lectures, discussions and presentations and much more – your days at BioFach are packed with events. We’ve put together importened ones and will provide all the information at your fingertips round the clock.

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