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Agriculture Ministers welcome EU Farm to Fork strategy

The ministers are united behind the Brussels strategy for sustainable agriculture. However, the fact that the CAP reform would have to set the course for this does not seem to play a major role. 

“Mechanisms of the conventional trade” – Richard Mergner on logistics in the organic industry

The organic sector is still a long way from truly environmentally friendly logistics, says Richard Mergner of BUND Germany. With, he spoke about possible undesirable developments.

EU: New European Fertiliser Regulation from 2022

The three European institutions Commission, Council as well as the Parliament have agreed on a new regulation for fertilisers. The new regulation is to be implemented from the year 2022.

India: International Trade Fair for Organics & Millets 2019

From 18th to 20th January 2019, the second edition of the International Trade Fair „Organics & Millets“ will take place in Bangalore, the organic capital of India. The exhibition offers a diversified program.

Whole Foods: Amazon expands network of organic supermarkets in the US

After purchasing the organic supermarket chain Whole Foods in 2017, the online retailer Amazon plans to open more organic supermarket stores in the US. Further, a delivery service for organic food is to be established at all locations. 

Kyrgyzstan to become 100% organic within ten years

As the second country in the world, Kyrgyzstan has decided to shift to a completely organic agriculture by 2028. The plan follows the action of another Asian country.

Germany: Organic specialist trade continues to grow

Despite massive organic advertising in the conventional food retail: The organic specialist trade also recorded an increase in turnover in the 3rd quarter and can now look back on a good year of continuous growth.

New study: Is organic agriculture disadvantageous for the climate?

Organic agriculture is more damaging to the climate than conventional agriculture. This is what scientists from Sweden and the USA claim. Is there a point in it?

Lammsbräu sues Danone and Fresenius

The dispute continues: After a warning in November, Neumarkter Lammsbräu filed a lawsuit against Danone and Fresenius. The case concerns labels on Volvic bottles.

Sustainable Foods Summit: North American Edition in San Francisco

From 16th- 17st January 2019, the North American edition of the Sustainable Foods Summit will be held in San Francisco, USA. The summit comprises four conference sessions.

EU Commission: Sued for lack of monitoring

A German organic raw material trader has sued the EU Commission. It is to pay for the damage caused by an inspection body approved by it.

Genetic engineering bacteria in animal feed spread antibiotic resistance

Genetically modified bacteria with antibiotic resistance were introduced into animal feed mixtures throughout Europe via a vitamin supplement.

Daniel von Meißner changes to Bio Development AG

Bio Development AG is seeking reinforcement: Daniel von Meißner will support the company in the future.

Examples of future-oriented organic farming

A lot of yield on a small area - for organic farmers this should be possible with elaborated ecological cultivation methods. Three examples.

Copper remains as a spraying agent

Copper may continue to be used in agriculture as a remedy against fungal diseases. This is what the EU Commission has proposed. Why?

France: New openings at record level

In France, the organic sector has been booming for years, sometimes with double-digit annual growth rates. In 2017, a further 265 organic stores opened their doors. Among them big organic players.

Farmers get more money for Fairtrade cocoa

Fairtrade International has raised the minimum price for fair trade cocoa. But that is not enough for a decent life.

Solution Search: New report on community-based farming solutions to protect biodiversity

During the UN-led Convention on Biological Diversity - Conference of the Parties (CBD COP), Solution Search: Farming for Bioversity presented a report on 338 community-based solutions that help farmers and other agricultural practitioners to adopt environmentally friendly practices to protect biodiversity.

In-Ovo-Selection: German „Bruderhahn-Initiative“ takes a stand

Without killing chicks: The conventional food retail markets eggs whose production involves the sorting out of eggs with male embyros. Now, the German "Bruderhahn Initiative" has expressed its opinion - and is also criticising the organic sector.

Weleda breaks new ground

By the end of the year, Weleda will kick-off within a new business branch. In the three Dutch cities, the natural cosmetics manufacturer opens newly furbished city-spas.

Green logistics at sea: Innovations for cleaner marine transports

The organic sector often imports bananas, cocoa or coffee by ship. An already quite environmentally friendly way of transport - but still, it could get cleaner.


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