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Organic salmon standard to be debated at Soil Association conference

The Soil Association, in partnership with Aquascot and Waitrose, is hosting a conference on organic salmon farming at the Tolbooth in Stirling on March 23, reports the online magazine Fishupdate.

Hungary is against GMO, new legislation in France

Hungary will extend its ban on growing genetically modified maize, government officials told the press on Thursday, reports the Hungarian News Agency.

Poland: Exemplary Private University Implements Organic Training

“Protecting the environment in Poland is a popular subject that is offered at various universities,” explains Barbara Kowalkowska, who founded the private university in Bromberg (Bydgoszcz).

Bioplastics at the Leading Edge of Change

Renewable Raw Materials Make their Entry in the Plastics Industry.

The Cultivation of GM-Soy Will Be Banned as of January 1, 2007

Taking into account the numerous debates at the European level on the genetically modified organisms it it necessary to clarify the status of GM-soy in Romania.

Organic Agriculture in Poland: Alternative Income Through Extensive Land-use

In the opinion of Polish experts, there is no fear of competition from Poland.

Organic Food in an Elementary School in Verona Sponsored by NaturaSì

With 43 stores, NaturaSì is Italy’s leading company in the distribution of organic products.

Opening of the first organic Café in Prague

The first organic Café called Bio Cafes in Prague has been opened in October 2005.

2006 year of truth for organic in Dutch supermarkets

Thanks to a shrinking food market, in the second quarter of 2005 the Dutch organic food market share grew 0.2 % to a total of 2 %.

New: Tutto Bio 2006 published in Italy

A yearbook with the title “Tutto Bio 2006” was brought out in January by the publisher Egaf.

At last “Everything Organic”: Yardo opens in St. Gallen

The first Yardo “super Biomarkt” (organic supermarket) in Switzerland opened its doors in the centre of St. Gallen on Thursday 26 January 2006.

The Foundation for Organic Agriculture Supported by AIAB

More and more people in Italy are putting fresh or processed foods from organic production on their tables.

Regulating European organic production: Commission’s draft is unacceptable

On January 23rd and 24th 2006, the Agriculture Ministers of the 25 member states reached a decision on the Commission’s new draft for regulation of organic production by the community.

EU implements New Organic Farming Unit

In the beginning of the year there have been some changes in the DG agri, the agricultural administration of the EU.

Sales Channels: the Italian Wholesale Market and the Up-and-Coming Box Scheme

In the past, Italy was not a classic country for the sales channel known as the box scheme.

New Organic Shrimp Farm in Florida

As the oceans are depleted, the future of seafood will likely lie in aquaculture.

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Italy’s Organic Market in the Process of Consolidation - An Overview of the Market

Observers of the market are agreed that the Italian organic market is currently undergoing consolidation, although at the same time positive tendencies are also apparent.

GMO Farming is slowing down

The annual rise of biotech cultivation grew last year at its slowest pace since 1996.

Organic Supermarket Chains: a Great Surge in Expansion

“We would never have believed that we would set such an avalanche rolling,” Basic-founder George Schweisfurth says in amazement today.


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