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Video gives insight about the situation of the Ukrainian organic movement

Watch this video about the Ukrainian organic movement, its achievements, the war, and prospects. Filmed on behalf of the German Ukrainian cooperation in organic agriculture (COA) with support of the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

Followfood wants to become more sustainable and transparent with Blueyou

Following the acquisition of the Kissyo ice cream brand, Followfood has become a majority shareholder in the consulting and trading company Blueyou. Their know-how is to help the organic manufacturer achieve even more transparent supply chains.

New Managing Director at CCPB

Lorenzo Pileri is the new Managing Director of CCPB. The company, based in Bologna, Italy, certifies organic food and organic non-food products. 

IFOAM Organics Europe calls for increased support of organic farming

The organic food and farming movement analyzed the Common Agricultural Policy 2023-2027 (CAP) of several member states. Their conclusion is that most CAP national Strategic Plans lack ambition and will not contribute to significantly developing organic farming in the EU or to achieving the EU’s targets set in the Farm to Fork Strategy.

EU Organic Awards to be presented for the first time

To stimulate the goal of 25 percent organic farming by 2030, the European Commission will grant annual awards for the best and most innovative organic players in its Organic Action Plan. 

New Oxfam study: Starvation wages for pineapples and grapes

On plantations in Costa Rica and South Africa, people work for the lowest wages and under catastrophic conditions. German supermarkets profit from this.

Dennree Group increases sales

The organic retailer was able to further expand its growth from the previous year in 2021. The workforce again benefited from the positive business development. Dennree also invested in its warehouse at the company headquarters in Toepen.

Every third customer buys natural cosmetics

Germany remains the largest market for natural cosmetics in Europe. In 2021, the division gained 1.6 million customers. Meanwhile, organic specialist retailers are losing their importance as a sales channel.

European Organic Congress 2022 in Bordeaux

The 16th edition of the European Organic Congress will be held from June 16 to 17 in Bordeaux, France. Organic stakeholders will have the opportunity to attend in-person sessions and engage with experts in the relevant fields.

Denmark remains organic world champion

Figures on the global organic market show that the Danes have been number one in organic product consumption for 11 years in a row. In 2020, the Danish organic market share was again the highest of all countries with 13 per cent.

Organic industry takes positive stock for 2021

This year, Biofach will not take place before July. However, the balance conference, which regularly kicks off the organic trade fair, already took place this Tuesday.

Demand for international conference against patents on seeds grows

A petition calling for the convening of an international patent conference by the responsible ministers has been running since November 2021. In the meantime, the campaign is receiving more and more supporters.

Rapunzel puts an end to promotional prices

The organic pioneer no longer wants to boost sales of its products with promotional discounts, but with education. Rapunzel will explain to customers why Samba & Co. are worth their full price in a campaign starting in March.

Gepa increases chocolate sales by 21 per cent

15.8 million chocolate products were sold by the Fair Trade company in 2021. Gepa has raised the minimum price per tonne for which the organisation buys cocoa from its suppliers to 3,500 US dollars.

Why agricultural change also needs a change of diet

How can a modern, sustainable agricultural and food system succeed? This was the question posed by experts from science, politics and the organic sector at the event "Culinary Arts in the 21st Century" by the German Association of Organic Food Producers. The consensus among the participants was that the agricultural turnaround will fail without a radical change in our usual eating habits.

These are the ten most important nutrition trends in 2022

For the new edition of the "Nutrition Trends Report", Nutrition Hub network and the German Ministry of Food and Agriculture’s Federal Centre for Nutrition surveyed experts on current trends in nutrition. Ten developments have emerged.


Biofach in July – Pros and Cons of the postponement

Before the decision for the summer date was made, exhibitors could give their opinion. spoke to Biofach Director Danila Brunner about their arguments for and against the new date.

Pesticide Atlas: Around 385 million people poisoned with pesticides every year

The German environmental organisation BUND and the Heinrich Böll Foundation have compiled facts and figures that clearly show how dangerous synthetic pesticides are.

Abcert takes over Eco Control

The organic certification body Abcert took over the natural cosmetics certification body Eco Control GmbH on 1 January. This was announced by Abcert last week.

Biofach and Vivaness take place in July

Nürnberg Messe is moving the Biofach and Vivaness trade fair duo from February to July due to the Corona pandemic. Most exhibitors have agreed to the new date, the organisers say.

North American Sustainable Foods Summit: Upcycled Foods to Take Off in 2022

From 24-27th January 2022, the North American edition of the Sustainable Foods Summit will be held online again. The summit comprises four conference sessions around upcycled food trend and its influence on the sustainable food industry.


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