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SPAR expands range with biodynamic vegetables from Morgentau

SPAR expands its organic assortment with Demeter potatoes and carrots from Morgentau which have recently become available at SPAR, EUROSPAR and INTERSPAR in Austria.

Fairtrade events all over Italy

“Io faccio la spesa giusta” takes place in October 2007

BioCordoba 2007

Spain’s only trade show for the organic sector is changing location

China: market with huge potential

The organic movement in China has its own pioneers

Fairtrade Estonia launched

Fairtrade has reached the Baltic countries

Organic Trade Group launched

The Soil Association has launched the first open membership group in the UK

BioFach China: Brilliant start in Shanghai

The first BioFach China closed its doors on 2 June 2007 with a wonderful result.

100 % Organic Bananas

Peru’s exported bananas are all organic

1st Fair Tech and Bio in France

Techniques for organic and conventional agriculture at Chantemerle-les-blés

Manchester: Cooperative Runs Successful Supermarket

The region round Manchester is not exactly regarded as a champion of organics.

Printemps Bio in France

Organic events all over the country

GMO Contamination in UK Organics

UK environment minister has been pleaded with to disallow the genetic modification of organic food

Development of organic agriculture in the European Union

Many changes have taken place in the organic sector since the enlargement of the European Union has taken place in 2004.

Britons favour Waitrose

Waitrose is the favourite supermarket for organic shoppers

Organic-muesli start-up

Since the end of April 2007 anyone can put together a personal muesli

New organic advisers in Ireland

In Ireland there now are 1,100 farmers using organic methods to farm almost 40,000 hectares.

NaturaSi is still in the lead in the organic market

NaturaSi has been Italy’s premier chain store company for 15 years.

European Organic Congress

European Organic Congress to look into the future of CAP

„Organic“ farm loses certification

First “organic” industrial-scale dairy has been shut down in the US

Launch of organic wool knitwear range

Marks & Spencer sourced wool for their first organic knitwear range

A serious threat to organic standard in the US

USDA thinks of adding 38 new non-organic product ingredients to its list


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