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Pesticide Atlas: Around 385 million people poisoned with pesticides every year

The German environmental organisation BUND and the Heinrich Böll Foundation have compiled facts and figures that clearly show how dangerous synthetic pesticides are.

Organic Products of Peru

High growth rates for the sector also in Peru

Organic Apples in Germany See Increased Price Share

Acording to the GfK household survey of Germany, there is a high rate in the sales of organic app

Organic agriculture gets new legal foundation

EU Ministers of Agriculture passed the new EU Organic Regulation on 12th June 2007.

Ireland aims at becoming a GMO-free zone

Green Party and Fianna Fail adopt GM-free policy

Organic agriculture gets new legal foundation 2

What has been improved? What has been made worse? What has been retained?

Going Organic and Feeding the Masses

Organic food can now be looked at in a new light

“As Nature Intended” believes in a high level of organics

For the first time, one of the London chains is going to open an organic supermarket outside the capital.

Duma security committee drafts bill

Duma drafts bill banning genetically modified food in Russia

Pure Organics and Asda’s Ready made Meals

Asda will be the first supermarket in the UK having an own label range of ready made organic meals

Organic consumers shouldn’t pay for GM contamination

Representatives of 70 organic companies tell Miliband

Earth Natural Foods supermarket in London

Three entrepreneurs opened an organic supermarket in north London.

Saporbio at Viareggio/Tuscany

The international review of organic food and wine takes place from June 21 to June 24

Factory Farm Producing "Organic” Milk Shut Down

Industry Coalition Demanding Organic Integrity Prevails

Taiwan’s 2007 International Organic Fashion and Lifestyle Exposition

The first comprehensive organic exhibition representing all of Taiwan

Whole Foods may not be allowed to take over Wild Oats

Antitrust authorities in the USA opposed the planned takeover by Whole Foods

The Organic Prince Charles

Prince Charles is regarded by some as the champion of Britain’s organic farming movement

Latvia and Lithuania’s Organic Produce

Organic Produce businesses are popping up at a rapid rate all over Central and Eastern Europe

Organic E-Breeding launched

Organic livestock or swarms of honey bees can be monitored

Can food with 0.9 % GM still be organic?

Decision of European agriculture ministers in Luxembourg

What makes Whole Foods successful?

The new ‘eco-store’ opened by Whole Foods got off on the right foot in London


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