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Weleda remains stable in 2021

Weleda AG was able to achieve sales of 425 million Euros in 2021, thus remaining stable in difficult times. The operating result was below the previous year due to increased investments, while the consolidated annual result changed only insignificantly. The company presented its 2021 annual result to its 2022 Annual General Meeting.

Organic Food Festival 2007

Soil Association Organic Food Festival will take place in September

Organic agriculture rising in Croatia

Increase of organic companies in the country

New organic store and bar in Rimini /Italy

More than 3,000 products on offer

Basic’s Founders Leave the Business

Georg Schweisfurth and Richard J. Müller, are still shareholders, it now seems certain that Mr Müller is going to pull out

Growing market for natural cosmetics in France

French natural cosmetic market attracts foreign investors

Lohao City: Professional Concept - Ambitious Plans

Taiwanese entrepreneurs want to dominate the Chinese market.

Fairtrade events all over Italy

“Io faccio la spesa giusta” takes place in October 2007

BioCordoba 2007

Spain’s only trade show for the organic sector is changing location

China: market with huge potential

The organic movement in China has its own pioneers

Fairtrade Estonia launched

Fairtrade has reached the Baltic countries

Organic Trade Group launched

The Soil Association has launched the first open membership group in the UK

BioFach China: Brilliant start in Shanghai

The first BioFach China closed its doors on 2 June 2007 with a wonderful result.

100 % Organic Bananas

Peru’s exported bananas are all organic

1st Fair Tech and Bio in France

Techniques for organic and conventional agriculture at Chantemerle-les-blés

Manchester: Cooperative Runs Successful Supermarket

The region round Manchester is not exactly regarded as a champion of organics.

Printemps Bio in France

Organic events all over the country

GMO Contamination in UK Organics

UK environment minister has been pleaded with to disallow the genetic modification of organic food

Development of organic agriculture in the European Union

Many changes have taken place in the organic sector since the enlargement of the European Union has taken place in 2004.

Britons favour Waitrose

Waitrose is the favourite supermarket for organic shoppers

Organic-muesli start-up

Since the end of April 2007 anyone can put together a personal muesli


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