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Stavtrend: a cautionary tale of organic fraud

Europe Slovakia

20.06.2017 Leo Frühschütz

A Slovak trader sent 2,000 tonnes of what was assumed to be conventional wheat to Germany via Italy. Analysis of the case reveals that the organic control system works, but that things can nevertheless go wrong.

Czech Republic: over 1 million Euro to promote organic products

Europe Slovakia

16.12.2016 Editor

The Czech Ministry of Agriculture is preparing a campaign for the promotion of organic food which aims to boost sales. The state will invest 30 million crowns (about 1.11 million Euro) in the initiative.

Free Plastic Bags banned in Slovakia

Europe Slovakia

19.08.2016 Redaktion

In Slovakia the massive use of plastic bags poses a problem to the fulfilment of EU waste-regulations.

Organic growth continues on the global level

Europe Slovakia


The latest global data on organic farming has been presented by IFOAM – Organics International and the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) at the BioFach fair 2015 in Nuremberg. The global organic market increased to 72 billion US Dollars, organic agricultural land worldwide is 43 million hectares.

Natural Cosmetics forging ahead in Eastern Europe

Europe Slovakia

15.03.2012 Redaktion
The natural cosmetics market worldwide has grown dynamically in recent years

The Organic Sector in Slovakia

Europe Slovakia

03.11.2009 Redaktion
In Slovakia, close to 23,000 hectares of land are dedicated to organic agriculture

Slovak Republic: Organic Food Retailers Lack an Adequate Product Range

Europe Slovakia

03.04.2006 Redaktion
While four years ago only a few health/natural food shops existed in Slovakia, today there are more than forty such shops.

Slovak Republic Organic Food Market

Europe Slovakia

23.03.2006 Redaktion

The Slovak market for organic products is just being born and the share of organic food in the turnover of food products was less than 0.1 % in 2004.

Slovak Republic: Organic Production for Export

Europe Slovakia

02.03.2006 Redaktion
The Slovak Republic has experienced an enormous growth in land under organic management since accession to the EU (almost 100 %).