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EU organic law opposes organic mate tea

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08.02.2017 Editor

Organic or not organic? The issue is not clear in the case of mate tea. The EU Commission and the organic authorities in a number of federal states in Germany question whether certified organic mate tea from South America can be sold as an organic food item.

IFOAM events at BioFach

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06.02.2017 Editor

Traditionally IFOAM EU Group is organizing a EU Policy Day at BioFach. There will also be the TP Organics´Science Day and other events by IFOAM.

EU: no majority for or against approval of GM maize

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31.01.2017 Editor

The Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed, made up of experts from the governments of the Member States, discussed the approval of several GM maize varieties for the EU - there was no majority for an approval.

UK: Natural & Organic Products Europe - over 50 speakers

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25.01.2017 Editor

The conference of Natural & Organic Products Expo will update visitors with the latest research and advice in the Natural Products Talks Theatre, Natural Beauty Theatre and Natural Food Kitchen. 

We are fed up with the agricultural industry!

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24.01.2017 Editor

Under the motto "We are fed up with the agricultural industry!" 18,000 farmers and citizens demand a change in agricultural and nutrition policy. The alliance calls for a 9-point plan for animal, environment and climate change in agriculture.

Vegan Trend unbroken in Germany

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23.01.2017 Editor

Vegan nutrition has numerous followers in Europe and worldwide. The corresponding product range has developed into an important sector which generates good turnovers in Germany.

IFOAM EU: project IoF 2020 has started

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19.01.2017 Editor

IFOAM EU Group informed that the Internet of Food & Farm 2020 (IoF2020) project has started on January 1st 2017 and will run for four years with a €30 million budget co-funded by the European Union.

Danone´s reasons to go organic

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18.01.2017 Editor

Danone’s CEO Emmanuel Faber suggests obesity, malnutrition and declining soil health are reasons to go organic

EU: “Ban Glyphosate” European Citizens' Initiative registered

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17.01.2017 Editor

The European Citizens Initiative (ECI) "Ban Glyphosate EU" will be formally registered on 25 January by the European Commission. With this registration a one-year process of collection of at least 1 million signatures will start.

UK: 10 million Euro EU funding for the organic sector

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17.01.2017 Editor

Under the headline „UK Organic Sector backed by EU Funding“ the British Organic Trade Board (OTB) informed, that the OTB, in partnership with Organic Denmark, have been successful in a joint funding application to the EU to promote the organic food and drink sector.

EU: New study shows positive implications of organic food

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11.01.2017 Editor

The study reviews existing scientific evidence regarding the impact of organic food on human health from an EU perspective, with a focus on public health. The development of environmentally sustainable and healthy food systems is an international priority.

Animal experiments: one million GMO animals used in Germany in 2016

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05.01.2017 Editor

According to the official statistics published for 2015 more than 1.1 million genetically engineered animals has been used in Germany. Testbiotech demands political initiatives to stop this growing trend in animal suffering.

Gene editing must be labeled GMO

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04.01.2017 Editor

The new generation of products from gene-edited origin is appearing. The German association VLOG stated these products must be tested, regulated and labelled as GMOs.

Scottish farmers want organic standards to remain after Brexit

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04.01.2017 Editor

Over 380 members (90%) of the Scottish Organic Producers Association (SOPA) want no change in the regulation of organic foods. That is the result of a survey from December 2016.

Spain: two million hectares of organic land are not enough

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Greenpeace Spain congratulates all the players in the organic movement. They would have made the dynamic growth of the ecologically managed agricultural area possible, making it possible for the consumer to buy healthy and environmentally friendly food. With an increase of 18.4 per cent compared to 2014, some two million hectares are now biologically cultivated - Spain has thus reached a new record. But this is not enough yet looking at the challenges of climate change, soil loss and rural exodus, explains the Greenpeace Spain.

Natrue: No European harmonised Natural Cosmetic Standard 2017

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02.01.2017 Editor

What will the next year bring as change for natural and organic cosmetics, asks Natrue, the association for natural and organic cosmetics. There won´t be an European harmonised standard for natural and organic cosmetics, that´s the fact.

EU Court: authorisation of GM soya lawful

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30.12.2016 Editor

The GM soya "Intacta" can continue to be sold in the EU.  On Thursday, the EU court (ECJ) in Luxembourg rejected an action against the marketing of this variety produced by Monsanto and contained in animal feed and food for humans.

Jan Plagge elected deputy chair of the working group on the Common Agriculture Policy

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28.12.2016 Editor

The President of Bioland  and Vice-President of the IFOAM EU Group (International Federation of Organic Agriculture) Jan Plagge was elected unanimously to be the deputy chairman of the Civil Dialogue Group (CDG). It assists the Commission and will engage in dialogue on the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) in Brussels.

Major Outcomes from Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit

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27.12.2016 Editor

The second Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit hosted in Paris, highlighted some of the sustainability shortcomings in the detergent and cleaning product industries. Summit participants called for greater attention to green formulations, packaging and consumer behavior.

Review of the year 2016

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Not an easy year - politically as well as for the organic industry. Although turnover is still growing political developments as in the UK, in Turkey and the US will all impact on to the organic sector. The worldwide organic movement is working on new ideas and is fighting very hard against GMO and pesticides. Looking back over the organic year, we are summarising important events, market data, developments, trends and reports from Europe and across the world. Please join us for our review! Many more themes are available in our archive and on YouTube  and Twitter.

SOLMACC: Climate-friendly practices applied

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26.12.2016 Editor

The SOLMACC project has been successful in 2016. The 12 farmers in Sweden, Germany and Italy continue to implement the climate-friendly practices on their farms.

BioBoden Cooperative looks for shareholders

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23.12.2016 Editor

The cost of leasing and buying land is rising hugely in many countries. All over the world, agricultural corporations, investors and whole states are buying up land. Agricultural land is also being lost to the subsidised growing of energy plants.

Glyphosate: EFSA shares raw data from risk assessment

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20.12.2016 Editor

The European Food Safety Authority EFSA has shared the raw data that was used in the EU safety evaluation of the pesticide glyphosate. The information has been sent to a group of MEPs who submitted an official request to see the information.

Buying natural cosmetics: online or in stores?

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It's ages since natural cosmetics were available only in wholefood stores. And demand that has been rapidly rising for years has meant that natural cosmetics brands have now been listed by other outlets than drugstores and conventional food retailers.  Above all, the online trade has created a lot of space on its virtual shelves for natural cosmetics. Biopinio – mobile market research for the organic sector – has investigated and asked over 1,200 bio-savvy customers about their purchasing habits. The trend: it's not only digital natives who are keen users of the internet – not least as a source of information as well. The  biopinio study examines interesting issues around target groups, purchasing channels and people's need for information and advice.

Genetic engineering law: German Federal Council calls for corrections

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19.12.2016 Editor

The German Federal Council Bundesrat calls for comprehensive corrections and improvements to the draft of the new Genetic Engineering Act (Opt out).

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