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Aldi extends organic range

Europe Germany

04.01.2007 Redaktion
More than 20 products have recently been listed.

Logona: A Successful International Business

Europe Germany

12.12.2006 Redaktion
The company can look back on almost 30 years of development.

Hess Natur Plans Nationwide Expansion

Europe Germany

30.11.2006 Redaktion

The opening of the first Hess Natur store heralded the intention to establish a nationwide retail chain for natural textiles.

Bio Hotels Association Awards Prizes For The Best Organic Juices

Europe Germany

21.11.2006 Redaktion

Zeulenroda, a small town in Thüringen, was for a few days at the centre of the organic world.

BioWelt in Reutlingen moves to new 800 m² premises

Europe Germany

07.11.2006 Redaktion

The specialist wholefood store BioWelt in Reutlingen expanded from 300 m² to 800 m².

Tagwerk Opens Organic Supermarket Near Munich

Europe Germany

02.11.2006 Redaktion

Since 19 October 2006 the producer-consumer cooperative Tagwerk has another store operating under licence.

GM-Free Milk A Success

Europe Germany

26.10.2006 Redaktion
At the event to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Upländer Farmers’ Dairy there was no common ground between the public and the minister on the subject of genetic engineering.

“Upländer” Farmers’ Dairy in Hesse is 10 years old

Europe Germany

23.10.2006 Redaktion

Celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Upländer Dairy.

Neuform excludes health food stores

Europe Germany

28.09.2006 Redaktion

In the wake of manufacturers cutting their ties with Neuform is the exodus of health food stores to follow?

Vivaness 2007: Naturally well-groomed and healthy

Europe Germany

25.09.2006 Redaktion

New Trade Fair for Natural Personal Care and Wellness in Nürnberg.

Kost Kamm: A German Craft Workshop with International Distribution

Europe Germany

18.09.2006 Redaktion
The worldwide interest in the products of Kost Kamm is growing.

Claus-Pural: Health Food and Wholefood under One Roof

Europe Germany

18.08.2006 Redaktion
The company Claus-Pural is remarkable in several ways.

Rapunzel grew by more than 14 % in 2005

Europe Germany

15.08.2006 Redaktion

Rapunzel’s 30 year anniversary was a very special occasion.

Environmentally Friendly Office Supplies for the Wholefood Specialist Trade

Europe Germany

14.07.2006 Redaktion
The office supplies company Memo was present at the BioFach for the first time.

Chain Stores in Germany: Strong Growth Planned

Europe Germany

20.06.2006 Redaktion
Up to now there have been only three nationwide competitors in the race.

Vierlinden: No Halt in Expansion

Europe Germany

26.05.2006 Redaktion

Since the launch of two Vierlinden stores in 2005, there has been no news of the Rewe initiative with purely organic supermarkets.

Plus: Advertising Campaign for BioBio

Europe Germany

12.05.2006 Redaktion

At the end of March, the discounter Plus, that belongs to the Tengelmann group, launched another campaign advertising its own organic brand range BioBio.

Lidl: Listing of Organic Products Began with Organic Campaign Day

Europe Germany

02.05.2006 Redaktion

“We started on Thursday 20 April 2006 with a campaign day in preparation for listing 40 organic products to be sold all over the country,” is how Thomas  Oberle, Lidl’s press spokesman, explains the dawning of a new era.

SuperBiomarkt Takes Over Supernatural Stores

Europe Germany

18.04.2006 Redaktion

At the beginning of April, SuperBiomarkt AG (Munster) will suddenly get three new stores.

Basic goes into overdrive

Europe Germany

27.03.2006 Redaktion

This year, the German organic-supermarket chain Basic intends to pass the 20 store threshold.

Organic Supermarket Chains: a Great Surge in Expansion

Europe Germany

01.02.2006 Redaktion

“We would never have believed that we would set such an avalanche rolling,” Basic-founder George Schweisfurth says in amazement today.

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