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Support for Fairtrade is on the rise

Fairtrade Fairtrade

02.05.2009 Redaktion

Fairtrade Fortnight in Great Britain

Fairtrade Fairtrade

27.02.2009 Redaktion

Fairtrade in Great Britain

Fairtrade Fairtrade

07.10.2008 Redaktion

UK: Fairtrade sales hit £ 560 million

Fairtrade Fairtrade

06.06.2008 Redaktion
Fairtrade sales rose by 72 % in the UK last year

European Fair Trade Fair in France

Fairtrade Fairtrade

08.05.2008 Redaktion
The fair’s first edition was a full success

McDonald’s to offer Rainforest Alliance-certified tea in Great Britain

Fairtrade Fairtrade

03.04.2008 Redaktion

1,200 UK outlets will be switched to Rainforest Alliance-certified PG Tips

Bioagricert implements two new certification schemes

Fairtrade Fairtrade

28.03.2008 Redaktion

Bioagricert offers Fair Trade-operAequa and Eco Energy Certification

Fairtrade in Italy

Fairtrade Fairtrade

08.03.2008 Redaktion
Consumption increased to 38 million Euros

Bestseller launches organic collection in Denmark

Fairtrade Fairtrade

10.01.2008 Redaktion
The collection will be made from Max Havelaar labelled cotton

BioFach and Vivaness

Fairtrade Fairtrade

30.12.2007 Redaktion
New online platform for exhibitors and visitors

Fairtrade wine awards announced

Fairtrade Fairtrade

22.11.2007 Redaktion
The first ever Fairtrade wine award winners announced

Further Fairtrade product ranges at Sainsbury’s

Fairtrade Fairtrade

18.11.2007 Redaktion
100 % of Sainsbury's own-brand tea and roast and ground coffee will be Fairtrade certified

Tully’s serves 100 % Fairtrade and organic espresso

Fairtrade Fairtrade

27.09.2007 Redaktion
Largest commitment to Fairtrade and organic espresso in the US

1.6 billion Euros on Fairtrade products in 2006

Fairtrade Fairtrade

11.09.2007 Redaktion
FLO reports sales increase by 41 % in 2006
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