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More than 10,000 professionals attended Natexpo Lyon 2022

10,177 professionals from the organic sector met from September 18 to 20 at the Natexpo in Lyon. That is 27 per cent more participants than at the previous Lyon edition in 2020.

German government rejects CO2 labeling of food

Consumers should be able to see directly how big the footprint of food is. A corresponding petition by oat milk specialist Oatly made it to the German parliament - but was rejected.

South Tyrolean State Council upholds complaint against pesticide rebels

In September, the South Tyrolean provincial councilor Arnold Schuler wanted to withdraw his lawsuits against Karl Baer and Alexander Schiebel. Now he has changed his mind. At the end of November the trial will be continued.

EU Commission threatens the existence of small farmers in the South

With the coming into force of the new EU Organic Regulation, certification for small farmers may become significantly more expensive than before. Various organizations are sounding the alarm.

IFOAM Organics Europe Meets Business goes online

Save the date for the 3rd edition of the IFOAM Organics Europe Meets Business on the 8th and 9th December 2020. The event will take place online and will be divided into two morning sessions.

Why German consumers reach for regional products in the supermarket

In a survey commissioned by the German grocery retailer Rewe, 2,500 consumers provided information about their purchasing behavior. The focus was on regional products in supermarkets.

EU starts Organic Farming Action Plan and involves citizens

The EU Commission is starting to work on its promised Action Plan on Organic Agriculture with a public consultation. Until the end of November EU citizens are allowed to express their ideas.

South Tyrolean state council wants to withdraw complaint against pesticide rebels

The South Tyrolean state councillor Arnold Schuler has announced that he wants to withdraw his lawsuits against Karl Baer of the Munich Environmental Institute and author Alexander Schiebel. Whether thereby the lawsuit against the two pesticide critics is off the table, must still be shown.

World’s first detection method for gene-edited plants presented

An international team consisting of NGOs, associations and a retail company has developed a method for detecting genetic modifications in the US rapeseed variety Falcon. The new method revolutionizes the control possibilities within the EU.

Pesticide rebels in court

For years, Alexander Schiebel, author of the German book "Das Wunder von Mals", and agricultural expert Karl Bär have been accompanying the South Tyrolean community of Mals in its fight against the use of pesticides. Now they have to stand trial in court in the Italian city of Bozen. Their crime: telling the truth.

First half of 2020: Organic share in Austrian retail double-digit for the first time

In Austria, the share of organic goods in retail is expected to have risen to 10 percent for the first time only within the first half of the year. This was announced last week by the Austrian Minister of Agriculture Elisabeth Köstinger (Austrian People’s Party), according to a report by

EU-Organic-Regulation to be postponed

On the initiative of the EU Commission, the new organic legislation will not be applied until 2022. The EU Parliament and the member states first have to give their approval, but the organic sector is already breathing a sigh of relief.

Bio-Suisse makes bud label almost unattainable for Aldi and Lidl

The umbrella organization of Swiss organic producers has established new rules. For discount store chains, the use of the Bud label is thus moving into the far distance. Rumor has it that competitor Coop might have something to do with it.

12th European Sustainable Cosmetics Summit goes Digital

On 2-5th November 2018, the conference by Ecovia Intelligence takes place virtually for the first time due to the Corona pandemic. The digital SCS-edition will discuss the sustainability implications of the corona crisis.

Oatly faces international shitstorm after Blackstone investment deal

After the million-dollar deal with the investment company Blackstone, the organic oat drink producer is experiencing an international call for boycotts by former customers – Oatly backs up.


Johannes Gutmann and organic pioneers found new network

Recently, Sonnentor-founder Gutmann met five other entrepreneurs in the Upper Austrian Mühlviertel. In the future, the companies‘ heads will visit each other to learn from other business practices . In this way, a unique network of organic friends is to be created.

Natural Cosmetics Conference: Corona writes the future

Under the motto "Sustainability is the new luxury" participants of the 13th Natural Cosmetics Conference will meet in Berlin on 29 and 30 September 2020. On the agenda are corona-related industry developments and other interesting topics.

International Green Week 2021: Branch meeting instead of large trade fair

Due to the Corona pandemic, the Green Week will be smaller than usual next year due to the exclusion of the public. The trade audience will experience a B2B event with a new concept in January 2021.

Amazon continues to shake up US retail trade

According to an Amercian blog on food and tech, online giant Amazon plans to launch a new concept with grocery stores in the US stationary trade. For this purpose, the company has supposedly already registered a new trademark.

How meat replacements affect the environment

The production of meat is harmful to the environment. But what about the alternatives? The study "Meat of the future" published by the German Environment Agency provides information.

FiBL Europe with new president

The previous President of FiBL Europe, Urs Niggli, handed over the reins to Beate Huber at the beginning of July. The long-standing director of FiBL Switzerland is retiring.


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