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Popularity of organic food unbroken in Austria despite general price increases

Organic sales in the food trade in the first half of 2022 are above the previous year in Austria. In the process, total organic sales crack the 2.5 billion Euros mark in 2021.

Certisys becomes part of the Ecocert Group

The internationally active French organic certifier Ecocert has acquired the Belgian market leader Certisys. Certisys founder Blaise Hommelen is to train the new executive director during a transition phase.

EU Commission wants to revise genetic engineering law

The existing rules are too strict for the Commission when it comes to products of new genetic engineering. Organic associations criticise the plans - and register their own proposals for change.

Scientists call for genetic scissors in organic farming

An international team of scientists wants to ensure that new genetic engineering methods are approved for use in organic farming. Only in this way organic could really become sustainable, the scientists say.

One World Award 2021: These are the winners

Rapunzel and IFOAM presented the One World Award on Monday. The five winners were those who make the world a fairer place through ecological, social and economic improvements.

Biofach takes stock: 50 percent international participants

The organizers of the Biofach and Vivaness trade fair duo have published figures on the participants in the E-Special. Among other things, they show which countries and industries were represented and to what extent.

The future of organic audits and inspections: digital or not?

The Corona pandemic has proved that digital tools can tremendously facilitate business processes and allow for many tasks to be performed remotely. This is also true for organic audits and inspections. But some limitations persist, and many people still have reservations towards new technologies. The digital future of organic audits and inspections has yet to be defined.

Swiss organic associations say "No!" to pesticide ban and restructuring of agricultural subsidies

Voters in Switzerland can permanently ban pesticides and redistribute agricultural subsidies in favor of organic. But organic producers and organic retailers are against it. What's going on?

Transgourmet launches its own organic brand for the catering market

One of the largest specialists for gastronomy and communal catering will be starting its own organic brand from April. With this step, Transgourmet wants to profit from the untapped organic potential in the out-of-home market.

First vegan stock index presented

Those who want to make their money work for veganism can invest in the shares of vegan companies. 21 of them have now been compiled by two investors into an index called "Vegtech".

Ecotone aims for a billion in turnover

The Wessanen Group, which has been renamed Ecotone, is on an expansion course, focusing on the market launch of new products and not ruling out further acquisitions in the organic sector.

Swiss organic sales up in 2020

Consumers in Switzerland spent just over 400 euros per capita on organic food last year. Gastronomy is to contribute more to organic sales in the future.

What is important to consumers when buying natural cosmetics

Certifier Natrue has conducted a consumer study on the purchase of natural cosmetics. At the top of the wish list is naturalness - however, consumers sometimes attribute this characteristic more to conventional products than to certified natural cosmetics.

Manufacturers fight back with petition against censorship of milk substitutes

In the course of the agricultural reform, the EU bodies are currently also negotiating new regulations on the designation of vegan milk alternatives. A petition once again bundles the unwillingness of the affected manufacturers.

How the EU Commission wants to boost organic sales

If Europe's organic area does not grow faster, the EU will miss its Green Deal target. Now an action plan is intended to boost the pace. IFOAM Organics Europe welcomes the measures.

Long-term study shows: Organic farming is beneficial for small scale farmers

Under tropical conditions, organic farming can contribute significantly to sustainable development. This was the conclusion of a long-term trial that has been running since 2007.

Online survey on the future of organic processing

FIBL is conducting a survey with market stakeholders until 31 March 2021. The results will help a project team to develop guidance on the selection of appropriate technologies for organic processors.

IFOAM - Organics International seeks new World Board members

In September, a new World Board will be elected at the General Assembly of the globally active organic association. The deadline for applications for the honorary position is 15 April 2021.

Biofach / Vivaness E-Special: "70 per cent of the participants drew a positive balance"

In this interview, Danila Brunner and Petra Wolf look back on the digital version of Biofach and Vivaness - and give a first preview of how the trade fair duo could play out next year.

How the "Food for Biodiversity" association aims to safeguard biodiversity in food production

67 measures to protect biodiversity are on the table at the still young association. The founding members include environmental associations, standard setters and food companies such as Nestlé.

Natural cosmetics remains driver of the German industry

In the Corona year, natural cosmetics again recorded strong growth and were able to attract many new buyers. However, not all forms of distribution are benefiting equally.


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