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Switzerland: Coop introduces filling stations for beer and mineral water

In some Coop branches, customers have recently been able to tap their own beer and mineral water. The offer is one of three unpacked pilot projects of the Swiss supermarket chain.

EU-Organic-Regulation to be postponed

On the initiative of the EU Commission, the new organic legislation will not be applied until 2022. The EU Parliament and the member states first have to give their approval, but the organic sector is already breathing a sigh of relief.

Bio-Suisse makes bud label almost unattainable for Aldi and Lidl

The umbrella organization of Swiss organic producers has established new rules. For discount store chains, the use of the Bud label is thus moving into the far distance. Rumor has it that competitor Coop might have something to do with it.

12th European Sustainable Cosmetics Summit goes Digital

On 2-5th November 2018, the conference by Ecovia Intelligence takes place virtually for the first time due to the Corona pandemic. The digital SCS-edition will discuss the sustainability implications of the corona crisis.

Oatly faces international shitstorm after Blackstone investment deal

After the million-dollar deal with the investment company Blackstone, the organic oat drink producer is experiencing an international call for boycotts by former customers – Oatly backs up.


Johannes Gutmann and organic pioneers found new network

Recently, Sonnentor-founder Gutmann met five other entrepreneurs in the Upper Austrian Mühlviertel. In the future, the companies‘ heads will visit each other to learn from other business practices . In this way, a unique network of organic friends is to be created.

Natural Cosmetics Conference: Corona writes the future

Under the motto "Sustainability is the new luxury" participants of the 13th Natural Cosmetics Conference will meet in Berlin on 29 and 30 September 2020. On the agenda are corona-related industry developments and other interesting topics.

International Green Week 2021: Branch meeting instead of large trade fair

Due to the Corona pandemic, the Green Week will be smaller than usual next year due to the exclusion of the public. The trade audience will experience a B2B event with a new concept in January 2021.

Amazon continues to shake up US retail trade

According to an Amercian blog on food and tech, online giant Amazon plans to launch a new concept with grocery stores in the US stationary trade. For this purpose, the company has supposedly already registered a new trademark.

How meat replacements affect the environment

The production of meat is harmful to the environment. But what about the alternatives? The study "Meat of the future" published by the German Environment Agency provides information.

FiBL Europe with new president

The previous President of FiBL Europe, Urs Niggli, handed over the reins to Beate Huber at the beginning of July. The long-standing director of FiBL Switzerland is retiring.

Tegut extends its Amazon product range

The German food retailer now sells almost 2,000 more organic products via the Amazon service Prime Now. In total, a full range of 6,000 Tegut articles is available online - and the trend is rising.

Vegan product alternatives with the highest growth potential

According to a consumer survey in nine European countries, the desire for good vegan substitutes for cheese is particularly high. But the demand is also growing for other plant-based product groups.

Natexpo allowed to take place

The international organic trade fair in Lyon will be open to visitors from 21 to 22 September 2020. Due to the corona crisis, some rules have to be considered.

Guest article by Gerald A. Herrmann: Fraud jumps to new heights amid Corona crisis

Covid-19 has caused a worldwide crisis that scrutinizes health, social and economic systems around the globe. The virus and its direct and indirect consequences for businesses, such as officially ordered shutdowns, a lack of personnel and logistic delays, have put unprecedented pressure on many supply chains. Unfortunately, crime tends to prosper in times of crisis, and neither the food sector as a whole nor the organic sector are excluded from this sad truth.

Oat drink manufacturer Oatly is worth 1.75 billion

The Swedish company Oatly has increased its value to about 1.75 billion euros by selling a shareholding. The deal was struck by an investment company and several US celebrities.

Wessanen buys organic producer Danival

After about nine years, the US company Hain Celestial is selling Danival, the French organic food producer. Wessanen, the new buyer describes this acquisition as the perfect addition to the other companies in the group.

Guest article by Gerald A. Herrmann: The ups and downs of international organic trade: how is this possible?

The organic sector has been shattered by various scandals on national and international levels. The bigger the scandals, the more dramatic the consequences for the countries of origin, which brings about huge shifts in international commodity flows, as import and export figures indicate.

Agribusiness Drives Severe Decline of Essential Insects


Four million tonnes of poison a year, most produced by four agribusiness giants, are killing essential insects everywhere. One-third of species face extinction.


No new CAP until 2023

The EU has now postponed its common agricultural policy reform by two years. EU states like Germany had recently tried to water down the few reform initiatives there were.

Bio-Suisse launches online shop for Bud-products

The Swiss can now order products online in their region from Bio-Suisse farms nationwide. Since last weekend, the umbrella organisation of Swiss bud farms has given its customers the opportunity to purchase directly from local producers and growers.


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