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The first Organics Europe Youth Event will take place in Switzerland

The Organic Europe’s Youth Event (OEYE) will take place from August 31 to September 1 in Frick, Switzerland. It is an event especially designed for young people interested and active in organic. 

Is Farm-to-Fork soon to be the basis of EU agricultural policy?

The Farm-to-Fork strategy and the biodiversity strategy were presented in Brussels and are both part of the European Commission's New Green Deal. According to the reports organic farming should increase to 25 percent and the use of pesticides and antibiotics halved in the EU member states by 2030.


Weleda: Nadja Holland responsible for the D-A-CH region

Weleda, the Swiss natural cosmetics manufacturer changed the top management of its largest market in April. Nadja Holland is the new Regional Director for the German, Austrian and Swiss market, responsible for the Natural Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals divisions.

"Fairtrade"- products increase

Last year consumers spent 2.04 billion euros on products with the "Fairtrade" seal. This equates to 25 euros per head and a growth rate of 26 percent.

Switzerland: Organic food share rises above ten percent

The Swiss spent 3.24 billion francs, or 3.07 billion euros on organic food in 2019, so the organic food sales achieved a 10.3 percent share of the total food market. These and many other figures were presented by the Swiss association ‘Bio Suisse’.

Coexistence: Nobody really cares about it

One of the fundamental pillars of EU policy is the peaceful coexistence of organic farming, conventional agriculture and genetically modified plants. Farmers should be free to choose their preferred cultivation method and consumers should be free to choose whether or not to buy the products from the different farming systems.

Austrians ask more for organic food

Food retailers in Austria generated seven percent more revenue with fresh organic food in 2019 than in the year before. The number of organic farmers has also grown.

New managing director at Lubs

An era is coming to an end for the German manufacturer of organic fruit bars, marzipan and confectionery products. After almost two decades, managing director Friedrich Lange has handed over his post to Stefan Goldhorn.

Making food systems crisis proof

The corona pandemic has brought the global food system to the brink of collapse. How it could have come to this and the lessons learned from this have been compiled by International sustainability experts.

New dates for Organic World Congress

In light of recent developments around covid-19, the organizing committee of the Organic World Congress has decided to postpone the event.


Biotropic offices report on Corona

Biotropic, the fruit and vegetable importer asked employees in its branches from France to Costa Rica to the Ivory Coast, to report on Corona and the situation for them locally.

How corona effects Gepa's coffee partners in Honduras

Andrea Fütterer from Gepa, the fair trade organisation was stuck in Honduras until the 3rd April has reported back on the situation in Honduras for Gepa’s coffee partners in Honduras and the people's protest against the curfew.

Gepa reports on Corona worldwide

Gepa, the fair trade organisation has reported on the situation for its worldwide partners from for craft enterprises as well as food producers. Their situation is very different ...

Corona virus in Burkina Faso

Gebana, the Swiss fair trade company processes mangoes and cashew nuts from local organic farmers in Burkina Faso. In a blog post, the company reports on the impact of Corona there.

Germany: Lidl makes supply chains transparent

On its website, Lidl Germany publishes a list of the main suppliers for its food and non-food private label range. The discounter thus fulfils transparency requirements that the German organic specialist trade has not yet realised for its own brands.

Otto Greither celebrates his 95th birthday

Otto Greither - whose name stands for health, humanity and vision, became 95 yesterday this week. On this very special birthday, Salus employees paid tribute to their long-standing managing director.

Organic Food Iberia and Eco Living Iberia announce new dates

Organic Food Iberia and Eco Living Iberia, the major international trade events for natural and organic products, have confirmed new dates due to the rapidly escalating coronavirus outbreak.

New from France: a fungus-resistant organic banana

From this spring, customers will a find new bright yellow organic banana, in the organic section of the French supermarket chain Carréfour. They are called Pointe d'Or, are grown in the traditional way and are resistant to the Black Sigatoka fungus.

Signatures for the rescue of bees and farmers

A European Citizens’ Initiative aims to phase out synthetic pesticides by 2035, support farmers, and save bees and nature. If it gathers one million signatures by September 2020, the EU Commission and Parliament must consider turning the campaign’s demands into law.

The digitalised shopping cart is coming

The annoying search for coins to unlock the shopping trolleys will soon be a thing of the past. An app on the ever-present smart phone can do the job and offer retailers many additional benefits.

Pine flavoured ice cream from Finland

A quite exceptional flavour from Finland that will enhance the ice cream range at organic food stores: it comes from Suomisen Maito Oy, the ice cream manufacturers, using Aura pine but guaranteed needle-free.


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