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Green Valley Awards: Last days of registration

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05.10.2018 Editor

On 27th October 2018, the Green Valley Awards will be co-hosted alongside the beauty event InterCharm taking place from 24th to 27th October in Moscow, Russia.

Ukraine: register for Anti Fraud Initiative Conference

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20.07.2017 Editor

The Anti Fraud Initiative (AFI) in collaboration with IFOAM invites for the conference “Improving Integrity of Organic Supply Chains” in Odesa (Ukraine) on 21-22 September 2017.

Ukraine: Eco-Expo in September

International_EN Russia

30.06.2017 Editor

The 11th International Exhibition ECO-Expo will take place on September 27-30, 2017 at the International Exhibition Center in Kiev.

Anti Fraud Initiative will meet in Ukraine

International_EN Russia

05.06.2017 Editor

The organic market has currently the best quality management system of the whole food market, but fraud is still an issue. The Anti Fraud Initiative offers a workshop in Odesa (Ukraine) on 21-22 September 2017.

Fraud cases in the US: how conventional became organic

International_EN Russia

30.05.2017 Editor

The Washington Post reports the case of three shipments of so-called organic corn and soy to the USA. After thorough research, it established the origin of the shipments and revealed organic fraud on a massive scale. After the article was published the Organic Trade Association (OTA) calls on the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the National Organic Program to thoroughly and immediately complete investigations of any reports of fraudulent imported organic livestock feed either alleged in the story or otherwise reported by trade.

Russia: Successful event for beauty bloggers at InterCharm

International_EN Russia

21.12.2016 Editor

The international community of beauty industry met end of October in Moscow for the largest perfumery and cosmetics exhibition, the InterCharm 2016. It was visited by 69 864 unique visitors within the 4 days.


The World’s Largest GMO-Free Territory

International_EN Russia

24.10.2016 Editor

In July of this year the Russian Federation passed a law that prohibits genetically modified agriculture. With this law signed by Vladimir Putin, Russia becomes the largest GMO free land in the world, ahead the European Union.

Logocos causing a commotion again – planning to sell denied

International_EN Russia

19.07.2016 Leo Frühschütz

Bio-Markt.Info reported last December that  Logocos AG belongs to a Swiss holding company whose owners wish to remain anonymous. The German Lebensmittelzeitung now writes that the current proprietors – among them a Kazakh oligarch  – want to sell Logocos AG. Marc Christian Wedekind, chairman of the supervisory board at Logocos, denied this categoriacally when spoke to him.

Russia: Successful petition by and

International_EN Russia

19.07.2016 Editor

Results of the petition "Getting allergenic preservatives out of Russian children’s cosmetics!" initiated by and are that some of the responsible Russian manufacturers of cosmetic products begin to withdraw potentially allergenic preservatives.

Largest independent’ study on crop biotechnology under scrutiny

International_EN Russia

17.06.2016 Editor

The Factor GMO is a project primarily organized by a Russian NGO called the National Association for Genetic Safety (NAGS) and claims to be the worlds largest independent study of GMO safety.

Russia: consequences of the import ban

International_EN Russia

03.03.2016 Kai Kreuzer

“Compared with a year ago, there has been a huge fall in the exchange rate of the rouble against the euro with the result that imported goods are now much more expensive,” says Tanya Lebedeva. She is the founder and CEO of LookBio, an important publisher of both a printed and an internet magazine for consumers and professionals in Russia. Tanya gives an overview of the problems for the organic sector. 

Food embargo could help organic agriculture in Russia

International_EN Russia

08.04.2015 Redaktion

The embargo on importing European foodstuffs, imposed on Russia in 2014, is acting as an incentive for domestic production of organic food. Experts also see potential for foreign investment it says in the online magazine Russia and India Report.

Organic growth continues on the global level

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The latest global data on organic farming has been presented by IFOAM – Organics International and the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) at the BioFach fair 2015 in Nuremberg. The global organic market increased to 72 billion US Dollars, organic agricultural land worldwide is 43 million hectares.

Current developments in the Russian organic market

International_EN Russia

17.02.2015 Redaktion

In Europe, Russia is considered to be one of the worst performing countries in terms of the turnover of organic food. According to the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service, in 2012 sales of organic food in Russia amounted to 148 million US dollars, which represents growth of 7.8 % compared with 2011.

The organic year 2014: markets, trade fairs, politics and trends

International_EN Russia

22.12.2014 Redaktion

Have a look with us at the most important events and organic issues of 2014 in the German and international organic industry.

A new organic law and Organic Week in Ukraine

International_EN Russia

11.10.2013 Redaktion

A new law has just been passed to further strenghten the organic sector in Ukraine.

Organic market in Russia: organic expands without certification

International_EN Russia

01.10.2013 Redaktion
For years the Russian government has been tinkering with legally-binding regulation of the organic sector.

New wholefood stores in St. Petersburg

International_EN Russia

03.09.2013 Redaktion
Organic has an uphill struggle in Russia.

Natural Cosmetics forging ahead in Eastern Europe

International_EN Russia

15.03.2012 Redaktion
The natural cosmetics market worldwide has grown dynamically in recent years

LavkaLavka – supplying eco-friendly products from Moscow

International_EN Russia

09.01.2012 Redaktion
LavkaLavka delivers their products to Russian customers and abroad.

Organic Corporation in Russia

International_EN Russia

23.05.2011 Redaktion
Organic Corporation is a unique project in Russia.

Russia: developing market for natural and organic cosmetics

International_EN Russia

05.05.2011 Redaktion
Russia is an interesting market for natural and organic cosmetics

Organic food in Moscow

International_EN Russia

01.04.2008 Redaktion

Specialized stores and supermarkets offer organics in Moscow

New organic supermarket "Bio-Gourmet" in Moscow

International_EN Russia

17.04.2007 Redaktion
Moscow’s organic scene is expanding

First Russian organic supermarket has finally opened its doors

International_EN Russia

24.01.2007 Redaktion
The organic supermarket Grunwald was a very long awaited project.
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