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Organic growth continues on the global level

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The latest global data on organic farming has been presented by IFOAM – Organics International and the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) at the BioFach fair 2015 in Nuremberg. The global organic market increased to 72 billion US Dollars, organic agricultural land worldwide is 43 million hectares.

Portugal: organic cork oak forests provide new jobs

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07.03.2013 Redaktion
A new concept was found to develop ecological strategies for preserving the old stands of cork oaks.

Portugal: specialist organic stores entering the market

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04.03.2013 Redaktion
In the last six years, five specialist organic stores have been opened in Portugal.

Portugal’s processors in the organic sector

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28.02.2013 Redaktion
Organic-Market.Info visited four companies in the Lisbon region

Success story: weekly organic markets in Portugal

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25.02.2013 Redaktion
Direct marketing via weekly markets functions well in Portugal

Organic fairs and meetings around the world

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28.01.2013 Redaktion
In 2013, important fairs around organics will take place again around the world.

International organic cotton trade conference

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10.11.2008 Redaktion
More than 188 participants ranging from producers to retailers and hailing from 27 countries travelled to Portugal

Porto: Organic food in Northern Portugal

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05.12.2006 Redaktion
With 1.6 million inhabitants, the region around Porto is a densely populated part of the country. 

Portugal’s Health Food Chain Celeiro Dieta

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28.11.2006 Redaktion
Three family business ventures in the hands of one family.

Best Organic Supermarket in Lisbon

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23.11.2006 Redaktion
The Biocoop in Lisbon has developed into a successful organic supermarket.

Successful Weekly Organic Market in Lisbon

International_EN Portugal

16.11.2006 Redaktion
The first and currently the only organic market in Lisbon was founded four years ago.

Portugal: High Rate of Growth from a Low Base

International_EN Portugal

14.11.2006 Redaktion
The organic industry is currently developing positively in Europe’s most westerly country.

Portugal: Processors and Retailers - Address List

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22.08.2006 Redaktion
Information about the main organic processors and retailers in Portugal.

Organic Food in Portugal

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06.07.2006 Redaktion
Influencing factors in the evolution of processing and marketing of organic products in Portugal.

Organic Agriculture in Portugal

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23.01.2006 Redaktion

Portugal is located in South-West Europe and has a coastline of around 800 km, occupying one fifth of the Iberian Peninsula that it shares with Spain.