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Good vintage for the international organic sector

International_EN Sweden

04.10.2012 Redaktion
The organic markets in Europa picked up speed again.

Sweden: Sales of organics increase by 11 %

International_EN Sweden

27.07.2011 Redaktion

Sales of organic products in Sweden increased by 11 % in 2010.

Nordic countries unified at BioFach

International_EN Sweden

09.02.2011 Redaktion
Nordic food is the new gastronomic trend in Europe

Sweden: Organic sales increased by 18 %

International_EN Sweden

06.04.2010 Redaktion
In 2009, organic sales gained 18 % in retail, restaurants, schools and hospitals in Sweden.

Stockholm: an organic supermarket at last!

International_EN Sweden

17.11.2009 Redaktion
Tradition has it that organic products are marketed in Sweden via the conventional retail trade

Vegetarian organic supermarket in southern Sweden

International_EN Sweden

18.07.2008 Redaktion

Dan Stielow-Mortazavi runs a vegetarian organic supermarket in Malmö

Organic ice-cream parlour in Sweden

International_EN Sweden

15.07.2008 Redaktion

The containers on the display counter are piled high with wavy ice-cream in a whole range of colours.

Sweden: 6 % organic in the public sector

International_EN Sweden

27.06.2008 Redaktion

Consumption of organics in Sweden’s public sector rose by 40 %

Sweden gets its first organic supermarket

International_EN Sweden

30.05.2007 Redaktion
In March 2007, Sweden got its first organic supermarkets, with two stores opening in the same month.

Strong Growth of Organics in Sweden

International_EN Sweden

06.10.2006 Redaktion

In 2005, Sweden’s organic market exceeded all expectations.

The Coop is the Market Leader in Sweden, too

International_EN Sweden

27.06.2006 Redaktion
Where the most organic products are sold in the conventional food trade, it is often the cooperative organisations that are most involved in considerations of ecology.

Positive Mood in the Nordic Organic Scene

International_EN Sweden

23.05.2006 Redaktion

After five years of stagnation, Denmark’s organic industry is growing again.

A Lot of Small Whole Food Shops but No Organic Chains in Sweden

International_EN Sweden

24.01.2006 Redaktion

There are no precise data on the number of organic and whole food shops in Sweden.

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