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Testbiotech criticises experiments to create chimeric embryos

International_EN Germany

09.02.2017 Editor

Testbiotech, the Institute for Independent Impact Assessment of Biotechnology is highly critical of experiments attempting to create chimeric embryos by inserting human embryonic cells into embryos from animal species.

Rapunzel buys Zwergenwiese - German brands join forces

International_EN Germany

07.02.2017 Editor

With effect from 28 February, the German organic company Rapunzel Naturkost has acquired the organic manufacturer Zwergenwiese Naturkost GmbH. Zwergenwiese will continue to be an independent company in its present location.

Vivaness 2017: natural cosmetics on a grand stage

International_EN Germany

07.02.2017 Editor

From 15 to 18 February 2017 the eleventh edition of Vivaness, the International Trade Fair for Natural Personal Care, is taking place at the same time as Biofach. Around 250 exhibitors from over 30 countries are expected at the exhibition.

Vivaness: the event for natural beauty professionals

International_EN Germany


The natural and organic cosmetics industry is booming and has enjoyed continuous growth in popularity across the globe for many years now. The demand for products is high all over the world and the market is characterised by dynamic progress. Germany is the leading market in Europe natural and organic cosmetics. Vivaness, the International Trade Fair for Natural Personal Care, which takes place from 15 to 18 February at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg is the place where trends and innovations are presented by roughly 250 international exhibitors. The stage programme and the Vivaness congress complete the event and makes it a meeting place for the cosmetics sector.  

Weak growth in turnover in specialist trade in Germany

International_EN Germany

02.02.2017 Editor

According to surveys carried out by the Klaus Braun consultancy, the trend to much lower growth in turnover in the German wholefood trade continued at the end of last year.

Demo „We've had enough of agro-industry“ – 9 demands for a change

International_EN Germany


Election year and Green Week: time to talk about the future of agriculture and to demonstrate for a change of direction in agriculture. The seventh “We've had enough” demo in Berlin was an opportunity to do just that – 18,000 people went onto the streets. The motley crowd marched through the government district in Berlin, but the events before and after the demo too were also a platform for targeting the demands of the organic industry, animal welfare organisations, environmentalists and critics of capitalism etc. at politicians (Video).

Nuremberg, the organic Metropolis

International_EN Germany

30.01.2017 Editor

Much is happening in the organic sector in Nuremberg and beyond the city boundaries. In order to further strengthen the organic sector in the region for the future, organic projects are gathered under the umbrella “Nuremberg, The Organic Metropolis”.

German Environment Minister Hendricks calls for ecological agriculture

International_EN Germany

27.01.2017 Editor

At the International Green Week in Berlin Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks calls for a rethinking of agriculture and consumer behavior.

Veganz explains that it did not declare insolvency

International_EN Germany

26.01.2017 Editor

In a current statement the German firm Veganz GmbH explains that it did not declare insolvency (we reported earlier) but is restructuring the retail stores and focusing on the core business.

Germany: vegan supermarket chain Veganz – declaration of insolvency

International_EN Germany

24.01.2017 Editor

In December, the supermarket chain Veganz reported its self-administered insolvency.  As the Lebensmittelzeitung (LZ) states, its network of stores is going to be radically slimmed down.

We are fed up with the agricultural industry!

International_EN Germany

24.01.2017 Editor

Under the motto "We are fed up with the agricultural industry!" 18,000 farmers and citizens demand a change in agricultural and nutrition policy. The alliance calls for a 9-point plan for animal, environment and climate change in agriculture.

Vegan Trend unbroken in Germany

International_EN Germany

23.01.2017 Editor

Vegan nutrition has numerous followers in Europe and worldwide. The corresponding product range has developed into an important sector which generates good turnovers in Germany.

Biofach: Discover and experience organic diversity

International_EN Germany

20.01.2017 Editor

From 15th – 18th February 2017 Biofach and Vivaness will invite international specialist purchasers and experts to the Exhibition Centre in Nuremberg to experience organic delights, diversity and know-how.


International Green Week: Global Forum and Organic Hall

International_EN Germany

13.01.2017 Editor

Organic produce is enjoying a boom, and this is also evident at the International Green Week Berlin 2017. The 82nd International Green Week will take place from  20 - 29 January 2017.

Germany: sales of organic vegetables booming

International_EN Germany

12.01.2017 Editor

According to surveys by the German agricultural information service AMI, there was high demand for organic vegetables in 2016. From January to November consumers bought 8% more and the money spent on organic vegetables rose by 10%.

Demo in Berlin: focus on farm closures and Monsanto deal

International_EN Germany

11.01.2017 Editor

“Agricultural corporations: keep your hands off our food!” – with this motto tens of thousands will again go onto the streets in Berlin on 21 January. The occasion is the “We've had enough!” demonstration demanding a fundamental change to agricultural and nutrition policy.

German Nutrition Report 2017 published

International_EN Germany

10.01.2017 Editor

In the Nutrition Report 2017 the opinion polling institute Forsa interviewed, on behalf of the Bundesministerium für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft,  around 1000 people above the age of 14 to investigate their eating and shopping habits.

Genetically modified rape: deadline for elimination extended

International_EN Germany

10.01.2017 Editor

The EU Commission decided at the end of 2016 to extend the deadline for the elimination of various types of GM rape to 31.12.2019, because Bayer CropSciences is having problems in removing the contamination in food products.

German organic logo on 75,000 products

International_EN Germany

09.01.2017 Editor

The state organic logo, standardised across the whole of Germany, has been in existence since 2001. The competent authority is the Bundesanstalt für Landwirtschaft und Ernährung (BLE).

Animal experiments: one million GMO animals used in Germany in 2016

International_EN Germany

05.01.2017 Editor

According to the official statistics published for 2015 more than 1.1 million genetically engineered animals has been used in Germany. Testbiotech demands political initiatives to stop this growing trend in animal suffering.

Gene editing must be labeled GMO

International_EN Germany

04.01.2017 Editor

The new generation of products from gene-edited origin is appearing. The German association VLOG stated these products must be tested, regulated and labelled as GMOs.

Transport: Followfood wants to offset CO₂

International_EN Germany

30.12.2016 Editor

From the beginning of 2017  Followfood wants to compensate for CO₂ emissions caused by transporting its goods by planting trees in Uganda. 

BioBoden Cooperative looks for shareholders

International_EN Germany

23.12.2016 Editor

The cost of leasing and buying land is rising hugely in many countries. All over the world, agricultural corporations, investors and whole states are buying up land. Agricultural land is also being lost to the subsidised growing of energy plants.

BNN: "We're doing organics because we don’t want pesticides in the environment!"

International_EN Germany

20.12.2016 Editor

After 1000 days (December 17, 2016) and 143 weeks of negotiations at European and national level, the current proposal with its  level of compromise remains far removed from reality and poorly crafted in many points. German organic trade association BNN draws a conclusion.


Genetic engineering law: German Federal Council calls for corrections

International_EN Germany

19.12.2016 Editor

The German Federal Council Bundesrat calls for comprehensive corrections and improvements to the draft of the new Genetic Engineering Act (Opt out).

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