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Sri Lanka: Good Market – Organic, Sustainable and Local

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Sri Lanka is a small country and for a long time the people had other worries than where to buy organic products. But the Good Market project in Colombo shows that there is growing demand for organic food, natural cosmetics and sustainably manufactured products.

Wake up to Organic!

Know How Regional Marketing


The 'Wake up to Organic' summer campaign has been launched, celebrating the best of British organic products.

Organics Brazil is a success story

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The Brazilian program OrganicsBrasil is designed to promote Brazilian organic and sustainable producers worldwide. It is mantained by Apex-Brasil the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, an executive department of Brazilian Ministry of Trade and Industry.

The Current State of the Organic Market in China

Know How Regional Marketing


According to the Report, organic food sales reached 10.5 billion yuan in 2007 in China and were estimated to be around 20-30 billion yuan (about 3-5 billion US$) in 2013. 2.722 million hectares of agricultural land were managed organically to China’s national organic standard.


Bio Company: double-digit growth and further expansion

Know How Regional Marketing


In 2014, the German Bio Company continued to consolidate its position as the major organic supermarket operator and market leader in the Berlin‐Brandenburg region. Across the whole of Germany this Berlin chain is now among the top three in terms of the number of stores.

Berlin: organs on track to grow in the metropolitan region

Know How Regional Marketing

Total turnover in the regional specialist trade in the metropolitan area of Berlin-Brandenburg was well over 350 million euros in 2014. This equates to growth of at least 8 %.

Continued funding for Food for Life Scotland

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The Scottish Government has announced further funding for Soil Association Scotland's Food for Life Scotland programme.

Biotikum in Hungary

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