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One in three Britons grow their own fruit and vegetables

Know How Studies

16.07.2008 Redaktion

New study shows Britons become more self-sufficient

USA: Organic items are essential items

Know How Studies

11.07.2008 Redaktion

High emphasis on healty products in the USA

New research: high quality & safety of organic food

Know How Studies

26.06.2008 Redaktion
EU’s largest organic research project, QLIF, presents results

Sales of organic food will continue to rise in the UK

Know How Studies

19.06.2008 Redaktion
Soil Association expects a 10 % rise despite credit stringency

New report by OTA

Know How Studies

23.11.2007 Redaktion
Organic sector is growing, but supplies are stunting the growth

Mothers are leading the organic revolution

Know How Studies

14.09.2007 Redaktion
Survey in the UK shows moms care for organic food

The Organic Baby Food Scene

Know How Studies

13.04.2007 Redaktion
The market for Organic baby food is growing along with the entire market for organic food

Growing market for dairy alternatives

Know How Studies

03.03.2007 Redaktion
The development of new products drives growth in Nordic dairy alternatives market

Price premium of organics on GM TV

Know How Studies

21.02.2007 Redaktion

GM TV showed a comparison of prices between organic and standard products

Sales of organic red meat are growing in Great Britain

Know How Studies

18.01.2007 Redaktion
A recent report showed that sales have increased by 12 per cent.

Organic food products surge ahead

Know How Studies

17.01.2007 Redaktion

The findings of a GfK survey on consumption of organic food products

Global Market: Business Opportunities & Future Outlook

Know How Studies

25.12.2006 Redaktion
A new report by Organic Monitor answers key questions.

Low consumption of organic products in Spain

Know How Studies

20.12.2006 Redaktion
A lack of information and availability as well as high prices are stated as reasons.

Global organic sales grow, but supply is strained

Know How Studies

12.12.2006 Redaktion
These facts were revealed by Organic Monitor in their latest report.

More pesticides in school fruit than in shops in the UK

Know How Studies

17.10.2006 Redaktion
A research of the Soil Association shows more pesticides in school fruit than in shops.

Strong Growth in the Czech Republic Expected

Know How Studies

22.09.2006 Redaktion
According to Green Marketing, the Czech Republic will experience a strong growth in the organic sector.

Demand for Organic Meats Outpacing Supply

Know How Studies

01.06.2006 Redaktion

Organic meat sales continue to surge in North America with 51 % growth registered in 2005.

Strategies to support domestic organic markets in countries with emerging organic

Know How Studies

23.03.2006 Redaktion
A new study of the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL).

New Study Confirms Ecological Virtues of Organic Farming

Know How Studies

13.03.2006 Redaktion
Organic farming has long been touted as an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional agriculture.

The World of Organic Agriculture: More Than 31 Million Hectares Worldwide

Know How Studies

22.02.2006 Redaktion
IFOAM, FiBL and SOEL present new facts and figures about organic farming at BioFach 2006.

Natural Personal Care Products Gaining Ground

Know How Studies

30.01.2006 Redaktion
Natural personal care products are gaining ground in the UK with sales almost doubling between 2002 and 2005.
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