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100 top brands in the UK

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A report compiled by the grocery trade magazine Checkout and market research company Nielsen suggests that consumers are beginning to understand the dangers of unhealthy food. The report is based on sales data recorded by Nielsen. More than 74,000 stores of all major grocery chains in Britain were involved. 


Even though the large brands for fizzy drinks, chocolate and crisps stay at the head of the industry’s top 100 grocery league table, they are facing serious competition from their nutritionally superior rivals. Coca-Cola is still No. 1 in Great Britain, but the latest 5 % growth in sales was reached by the launch of a sugar-free drink. The fastest growing brands are Innocent and Danone Bio Activia.


For the first time ever, a fully organic brand was to enter the top 100 - Yeo Valley Organics (Picture). The company had a sales growth of 25 % last year. The annual turnover of 72.9 million British Pounds brought the company to No. 88, reports the Guardian. Checkout’s editor Ms Briggs stated that it clearly showed consumers had adopted lifestyle changes. Well-performing brands had either developed healthy, wholesome lines or removed or reduced saturated fats, salt and additives.


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