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Finland’s organic area is growing

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

After a decrease in 2006, the area dedicated to organic agriculture in Finland grew again - by 3 % to 148,760 hectares in 2007. 4,406 operators were working on this land representing 6.6 % of the agricultural area in the country. 133,543 hectares were fully converted, according to ZMP.

Still, 45 % of the organic land in Finland is grassland. 55 % is arable land, and 27 % of the area is used to grow crops. Oats is still the most important crop in the country with a share of almost 50 %. The area for this crop was expanded, but exports declined due to lower harvests. In 2008, quality is below average and exports are expected to be low again. The area dedicated to vegetables grew to 354 hectares, while the area for fruits decreased.



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