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Italy: Alce Nero & Mielizia announce new plans

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

The group leader of organics in Italy wants to transform former premises on the outskirts of Bologna into a place of promotion and development. According to Lucia Cavazioni, president of the group, the area could become the company’s reference centre for organic agriculture. There could be a selling point for the members of the company, an organic restaurant and some space could be dedicated for cultivation of organic products. The company’s activities have been increasing during the past years and the new location could be convenient in many ways, according to Greenplanet. “Our goal is to create a place for promotion and development in the sector in which we operate. In Monterenzio, our activities are constantly increasing, and we would like to move marketing and some creative initiatives to Ozzano to deal with them more structured and comprehensive,” Mr. Cavazioni says. The plan also finds the approval of the mayor, who stated that an open invitation was still running to make it possible that, for example, other players would be able to join in.

Alce Nero is the first Italian brand which has received organic certification in China - products have received certification from the CQC, the Certification Quality Center in China. Commercialisation will start this year.  The brand has been applying the principles of organic farming for more than 30 years producing pasta, rice, tomatoes, fruit juices, olive oil, coffee, sugar, cocoa and chocolate, for example. The Italian team shares their values with a group of fair-trade producers who work with the same dedication and passion across the globe in nations such as Costa Rica, Brazil, Nicaragua, Peru and India.




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