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USA: Perspectives for organics

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The Organic Trade Association forecasts sales of organic foods will increase by 18 % a year through 2010. The association even expects the customer base to grow since prices will drop and mainstream retailers will stock a wider variety of organic products. According to the market research company NPD Group, the number of people buying organic products fell 4 % in August, compared with the previous year. Shoppers at all income levels appeared to be reducing purchases of organics these days, according to analysts, by avoiding specialty markets or brands in favour of less-expensive store-brand organics. Others were still buying name-brand organic, but became more frugal of what they ate, shifting to more affordable items.

John Foraker, chief executive of Annie's Inc., which sells organic macaroni and cheese, cookies and pasta, stated that their business had been getting stronger as the economy was getting weaker. Cassie Green, who owns of Green Grocer Chicago, said that her sales had been flat in recent months following a period of steady growth. She continued that the same amount or more people were coming in, but they were buying less. Hain Celestial Group, which owns dozens of organic food and product labels, reported a growth in sales of 22 %.


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