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Organic longan fruit from Thailand

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Producers from Thailand introduced their organic longan fruits to the public at this year's edition of BioFach. Longan fruits are still newcomers in Germany, but in Asia they have been part of naturopathy for many centuries since they are rich in antioxidants. A study of the University Chiang Mai has confirmed that the daily consumption even of a small amount already has a positive effect on the blood.

The natural sweetness of the fruits has increasingly found favour with the Central European consumers. At BioFach, the fruit was offered in three different versions: fresh, dried and as a tea flavour mixture. Various representatives from large companies showed interest in distributing the dried version of the fruit to Germany, Austria and to Great Britain. On location, an order for a regional market was placed.

Export of the longan fruit from Thailand is a pilot project from the Integrated Supply Chain Management of Exotic Fruits from the ASEAN Region, which is realized by the Chiang Mai University. It aims at developing the sustainable ecological-economical development of small and medium sized agricultural enterprises in Thailand. Success is already being achieved and it will influence the further engagement of Thai organic producers on the European floors significantly. Contact: Till Ahnert,, Rattapon Panjaruang,




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