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USA: Will two new bills endanger organic farming?

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

The reorganization of America’s agriculture system could endanger organic farms and gardens. Two bills introduced in the House and Senate of the US congress try to modernize food safety and regulate and standardize agriculture, Planetsave reports. This is to be reached by creating the Food Safety Administration. Mandatory registration and inspection for “any food establishment or foreign food establishment engaged in manufacturing, processing, packing, or holding food for consumption in the United States,” and standard practices such as minimums for fertilizer use are provided. Food that is considered to be “unsafe, adulterated or misbranded” can be seized by the agency and the food establishment or farm can be fined. It is, however, not clear how food will be determined as unsafe. The bills aim at industrializing farms, standardizing farming practices, and requiring registration and inspection for any one producing food.

Even though food safety definitely needs to be improved, these bills are considered to be vague and open-ended. They could even be used to justify banning organic practices like composting and seed saving, or to put standard practices such as the required use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides into law. It is speculated that the bills have been funded by agri-business giants including Monsanto. With these new standards it might become possible that only approved seeds, fertilizers, and farming methods could be used, and all farms and gardens might be growing their plants and using their products. Planetsave asks to contact senators and representatives to urge them to protect public health and safety without criminalizing organic farming.



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