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European Parliament supports report on novel food

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

The European Parliament voted on the report from SP Euro-MP Kartika Liotard on novel foods. Kartika Liotard commented that the Commission repeatedly put economic interests first, but the European Parliament agreed with her that priority must be given to food safety and to the wellbeing of the public. In her opinion, the regulation had to state precisely what novel foods were and that new techniques and new technologies came under the novel foods regulation. Ms Liotard also explained that the cloning of animals caused enormous suffering. The Commission, she said, evaded the ethical aspects of the cloning of animals for food. She was therefore arguing for a ban on placing foods from cloned animals on the European market. The European Parliament supported her proposals for a ban.

The European Commission should, according to the European Parliament, introduce a ban on meat and milk from cloned animals. In addition, the Parliament has demanded clearer definitions regarding nanoparticles in food, and the imposition of an obligation to state  whether the product contains novel foods on foodstuff labels, or is a product of animals fed on GMOs, SP International reports.



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