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IFOAM Study on Organic Agriculture and Women’s Empowerment

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

It is IFOAM’s goal to facilitate equal participation of women in the organic agriculture movement. In this context, the new IFOAM Study on Organic Agriculture and Women’s Empowerment investigates the ways in which organic agriculture can contribute to the empowerment of rural women, and identifies “lessons learned” for future work on the basis of a collection of analytical case studies from around the world. The study is available for download here 

Compared with conventional agriculture, women have played a more prominent role in the development of organic agriculture and the organic sector organizations. It is often the woman in the farm household who initiates the process of conversion to organic. All over the world women are taking leading roles in the development of organic, as farmers, consumers, researchers, traders, and advisors, or in the organization of the organic sector, for example in Southeast Brazil, Sweden, Thailand, and in the USA.




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