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American adolescents enjoy organics

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

American researchers have examined characteristics of adolescents who appreciate eating locally grown, organic, non-genetically engineered and/or non-processed food, as well as if they are more likely to reach dietary recommendations than adolescents their age. 2516 young people between 15 and 23 years were surveyed, and 23 % reported that it had some importance to them to eat organic food. The percentages of interviewees appreciating locally grown, non-GM and non-processed foods were 21 %, 34 % and 30 % respectively.

Those who valued each practice were more likely to be non-white and have a low socio-economic status, Innovative Public Organic Food Procurement for Youth reports. Adolescents who valued two or more practices were more likely than their peers to have a dietary pattern as the American Healthy People 2010 recommends regarding fruit, vegetables and fat. The whole article is available in the Journal of Nutrition, Education and Behavior.




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